Shaker Style Bed

Shaker bed design stems from traditional simple design routes. The most famous design bed is the Pencil bed. Shakers used wood rather than flashy glass or metal as their primary material for knobs and handles throughout each piece of furniture. This not only helped keep the furniture simple, but meant they could use one supply source to complete the piece.

At Lakeland Furniture we have put together a collection of simple elegant design wooden beds that reflect the original Shaker style ideal.

Our bed designs come in natural wood finish like the Hampshire bed or in painted finishes, or for the best of both worlds take a look at the Amelie Bed which has a painted bed frame with a natural wood plinth top.

Whether you are a Shaker design enthusiast or just like the look of the range our bed frames will be a great addition to any bedroom.

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Shaker Style Beds

What is a Shaker Bed?

The main thing that rings a bell when you consider Shaker furniture is a plain and grey inside: dark coloured table and seats, a clear partition and wood floors. Shaker professionals are perceived as experts in design. Furniture producers attempt to reproduce works discovered in different antiques. Lakeland furniture is not only going to guide you about the Shaker Style furniture beds but also offering all kinds of shaker styles beds for its customers.

The Shakers were having a belief that show off was not a proper thing to do. In this way, they abstained from anything that could be viewed as showy. The Shakers avoided luxury, they had limited assets and utilised them as financially as possible. The aftereffect of their humility and common sense is a style of furniture that is the encapsulation of the saying "shape takes after size." The famous Shaker chair, for instance, is as tough as it should be, yet sufficiently light to be lifted effectively and put away on divider hangers. To achieve this, the legs and stretchers are swung to lessen weight, however, leave enough material for quality. The seat is placed surge, which is considerably lighter. The seat is sloped at a slight edge to be less demanding to get in and out of. These elements are intended for common sense, yet the following type of the seat is outstanding and ironic. Shaker style furniture carried out the designing of simplicity yet elegance of their furniture. From their beds to chairs they have created a distinctive style of furniture which is still in fashion.

To begin with, it's inappropriate to claim that darker in the main shading is the Shaker palette. Designs dedicated to shaker styles beds are loaded with violet, yellow, red and blue furniture. The individuals who have seen the Steven Spielberg film Schindler's List will recollect the young lady wearing red. Why? Since the film is in highly contrasting. The young lady's red dress emerges on the screen's dull foundation. The impact is striking. The effect of an impressive shading like red and orange in a Shaker kitchen or room originates from a similar rule. This furniture is prestigious for being light, as the Shakers furniture primarily utilised pine. The well-known oval boxes are presumably the most illustrative image of the Shaker style.

Searching for a furniture style can be a great source of fun, also difficult to choose among different designs. Here we'll investigate what Shaker furniture was, is, and can be.

Shaker style furniture is simply elegant and fits basically any home. Size and design are decided by the mould and frame, however the most Shaker style furniture is very wonderfully mixed with other furniture. Most handles are made of wood and either recoloured to match or made from whatever is left of the wood used in the furniture.

The primary cases of Shaker style furniture in the Unites States were found in the mid-nineteenth Century. This style has really driven numerous existing day craftsmen and furniture producers and is regularly mixed with contemporary style. A genuine rebirth of Shaker style furniture occurred in the 1960's with surge seats and step back seats. Components of that time have kept on impacting furniture styles until the present day.

While picking a Shaker style bed there are lots of things to consider. The hardest thing about purchasing a Shaker style bed is choosing your most loved style. Shaker style beds come in various designs and styles. There are unlimited varieties and they are altogether made with high quality and are worked to keep going for a long time to come. Choosing to purchase a Shaker style bed will be one of the absolute best choices that you will make. Many individuals think very less of the importance of picking a decent bed. Researchers tell that a decent sleep at night can influence your health. Getting a decent sleep begins with having a comfortable and durable bed that will comfort you and a Shaker style bed will do only that for a long time. Many individuals consider their rooms as a heaven and having a space that is aesthetically satisfying is incredible for that moment of mind expected to rests and relax.

Check out this video about the history of shaker furniture by CBS

Shaker style beds are faultlessly produced and its basic excellence is sufficient to highlight any style in the room. You can pick the wood that your Shaker bed is made from; cherry, maple, red oak or even mahogany; the decision is yours. Shaker style bed is produced using genuine wood, not simply particulates, polishes or different sorts of synthetic wrapping up. Shaker style bed is the show-stopper of any room. A Shaker bed designs are simple yet rich in style. You won't have to buy another bed for quite a long time to come. These beds are created to keep going for many years.

The best part is using this amazing style is its simple look. You can begin with only one piece and set up your entire room around it. In the lounge area, for example, take any table and include four painted shaker seats for a chic Shaker look. To include a splash of Shaker zest to your office, consider including just a Shaker bookshelf or maybe two Shaker customer seats. Check out some shaker furniture ideas on pintrest.

Room? That is easy...anything from a tall chest to a day seat can start your move to a Shaker style into effortlessness. The lounge room is additionally an immaculate setting for Shaker style furniture. Despite the fact that we have all the designs of Shaker style furniture, you can start with a basic support TV stand and simply sort out one thing at any given moment.

Regardless of where you begin with your Shaker style furniture, we are happy you have picked Lakeland to buy Shaker style furniture. We can provide you best quality shaker style beds and shaker style furniture for your home which will not only last longer but also complement your interior.

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