Our 3 Favourite Things About Autumn

Our 3 Favourite Things About Autumn

Why we love autumn so much here at Lakeland Furniture

Although it's short and sweet, autumn is by far our favourite season here at Lakeland Furniture. From the very first leaves to fall from the trees until Bonfire Night and the chilly winds of November, this is the time to get cosy. It's the time of warm, golden light in the evenings. And it's the time to really appreciate quality time with friends and family, whether at your local park or around the dinner table. So, we thought that for today's blog post we'd gather up (in conker style) a few of the reasons that we appreciate autumn so much! Let us know in the comments if you agree. Here are a few of our favourite things...

1. We get to spend more time at home

Of course, we all know that as autumn rolls around we say goodbye to summer. And in the case of 2018 especially, that means waving goodbye to the scorching hot weather! But as long as you're prepared for a chill, there really is nothing to worry about. Turning the heating on for the first time in months can feel a little weird but it'll make your evenings so much cosier. We love spending time at home and enjoying nights in front of the TV. If you're lucky and have a fireplace, getting this going is the perfect way to enjoy autumn! When you're proud of your home and you've been putting a lot of effort into your interior design, then the autumn season is the perfect time to make the most of it. Inviting people round for dinner parties, hosting gatherings... this is what autumn is all about!

2. It's time to light the candles

If there's one thing that simply encapsulates autumn it's candles. When else in the year is it perfectly acceptable to sit huddled in your bedroom surrounded by beautiful cinnamon-scented candles? The light and warm glow of autumn are by far one of the things we look forward to once autumn has come to an end. If you're hosting guests over for a dinner party, why not get some fancy candlesticks to really make an impression? And it's not just social, formal occasions that candles are so effective for. Snuggling up in front of the TV can be made so much more special with a few flickering flames around the room. Just be sure not to leave them unattended at any time! It's always better to be safe than sorry...

3. the colours are just beautiful

Okay, need we really say this? The colours of autumn are just our absolute favourite thing about the season. From the rich, vibrant orange to the deep, smoky browns, the shades of this season are so comforting and warming. This is especially prominent in the interior design world. As you may have noticed by now, Pinterest, Instagram, all your favourite home magazines and even our blog are taking advantage! Beautiful photography of nature, enticing bedding and blankets, new in-store collections for autumn: inspiration really can be found anywhere and everywhere. We recently published a blog post showing off the red and orange furniture on our store, so people could stock up and get season-ready. It's not just the colours of fallen leaves that we're loving, however. We're also massively interested in warm-toned metals this time of year - from gold to brass to copper. Why not really make the most of this short but sweet season? Get cosy in front of the TV, invite your best pals over for an evening in, cook a flavoursome meal. Light the candles, get out your chunky blankets and treat yourself to a new house decoration. Let us know in the comments your favourite thing about autumn!