3 Reasons Why We Love Our Acrylic Dining Chairs

3 Reasons Why We Love Our Acrylic Dining Chairs
Here at Lakeland Furniture, we offer all sorts of furniture products from sideboards and daybeds to bar stools and garden parasols.  We're immensely proud of our products, too. However, every now and then we like to shout about something in particular. Right now, we're LOVING our acrylic dining chairs. It's getting closer to Christmas and we're all starting to buy presents for loved ones. Of course, with Christmas comes family dinners. And with family dinners means lots of people! If you're lucky enough to have a big family, you'll probably be looking for extra chairs. Look no further! Our acrylic chairs are not only a gorgeous addition for the festive period but will see you through the rest of the seasons, too.

3 Reasons Why We Love Our Acrylic Dining Chairs

So, before we continue to gush over these plastic chairs any longer, let's actually get down to business. Acrylic is a clear plastic which is stronger and lighter than glass. Due to its unique property of being able to be shaped, it can be transformed into our wonderful dining chairs. Here are three reasons we adore our acrylic dining chairs and why we think you should too.

1. Lots of exciting colour options

Due to the nature of acrylic, it is available in an endless array of bright and bold colours. Our Ava gel chair is available in the following shades: sapphire blue, orange, purple, red, clear, silver glitter, light blue and fluorescent lime. How exciting! Of course, the clear Ava chairs will fit in well with ANY already existing colour scheme. So if you're just looking for a couple of spare chairs for get-togethers or don't feel brave enough to interrupt your current kitchen design, the clear option could be right for you. The Crystal gel bar stool is also available in clear so consider this if you have a breakfast bar. However, if you're feeling daring and want to add excitement to your kitchen... opt for one of our brighter shades. Check out our 2018 trend predictions for which colour is going to define your kitchen as a style statement next year. The Amazon Gel barstools come in blue, clear, red, green, purple and smoke so the choice is yours to make!

2. Mess-resistant and easy to clean

This is probably an obvious reason but we're going to tell you anyway. Having plastic furniture is super convenient when you've got kids, pets or just an accident-prone partner! Stains and ruined fabric are things of the past when you begin to introduce acrylic into your home. Our acrylic dining chairs are easily wiped down and any liquid will run straight off them. You can drink red wine to your heart's content and wave goodbye to the dreaded fear of spilling it! To clean our acrylic chairs, simply take a bucket of warm, soapy water and use a cloth to gently cleanse. Pat dry with a clean towel or kitchen roll and voila! That's all it takes.

3. Quick way to modernize the home

It can be tough to keep up with modern trends when you're on a low budget or feel too overwhelmed. A simple and easy way to switch up and modernize your kitchen or dining space is to change up the chairs! At £49.99 a pop, our Ava acrylic dining chairs are an affordable way to inject some colour and fun into your dining area. If you have quite a plain and neutral kitchen, adding in a pop of colour could really make all the difference.