4 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Space in Your Home

4 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Space in Your Home
There is nothing worse than feeling cramped and claustrophobic in your own home. However, that doesn't mean small rooms aren't useful and even enjoyable. Sometimes, there's nothing nicer than cosying up in a tiny corner with a book and a hot chocolate! That said, it's obvious why smaller spaces can often cause problems and create stress. If you have a lot of belongings then storage may be an issue. If you have a large family, actual living space may be a big problem. Don't worry though, we're about to give you four of our best tips to make the most of a small space in your home.

1. Go vertical

Back in the medieval age, Edinburgh's Old Town was built upwards rather than outwards due to being trapped in by the city walls and the Nor Loch. These tall, narrow buildings are not only a gorgeous sight but are actually worth taking inspiration from. When you are stuck for space in a room, consider going vertical! Shelves above cabinets or doors can be a great solution to needing more furniture on the floor. There are many ways you can get creative with high-up areas, including making the most of that forgotten space at the top of your wardrobe! Show off nick-nacks on floating shelves instead of cluttering up the room with sideboards and end tables.

2. Double up

If you're struggling with the number of rooms in your home, it's totally okay to put two rooms in one! This is actually a really easy and effective way to maximise the small space you're stuck with. A popular example is to place a small desk and chair in the bedroom so that you can sleep and work in the same space. We can see the benefits but it may be a little draining on the old sanity. This considered, it's definitely a great way to maximise your room instead of reserving it just for sleep. Just make sure you conceal those hideous wires and accessories to keep your space calm!
Top Tip: How about installing fitted mirrored wardrobes to create the illusion of a bigger room?

3. Conceal it

Speaking of concealing stuff... this is another excellent way to make your room feel larger and your head feel clearer. First off, it'll help to declutter and sort your junk out. There's nothing worse than too much stuff in a small space! Once you've decided what you really want to keep, it's a good idea to hide it away. This may sound strange but the less clutter on show, the bigger your room will look. Ottomans and stools that double up as storage are great for this, along with under-bed storage that you can easily slide in and out.

4. Create an illusion

Learn how to trick the eye with some really simple methods. Firstly, using bigger pieces of furniture but less in number is going to make any room look more spacious. Avoid placing lots of small items in a small room because it'll end up making it look even more cramped! A couple of large items is much more effective than five tiny pieces. The same goes for decor and accessories aswell. The general rule of thumb? Apparently, any decorative pieces smaller than a cantaloupe melon will make a room feel small. Alongside this, consider the use of colour in your home. Using lighter colours at the top of a room and darker colours near the bottom can create the illusion of a light and airy space.