5 Easy Stretches to Do in Your Office Chair

29th August 2018

For better posture at your desk, try these easy stretches from your office chair

Yes, we always recommend getting up and moving about whenever possible throughout the working day. It is massively important to take regular breaks to maintain good posture and both physical and mental health. However, if you really can't get away from the computer, it's worth trying to move about a bit whilst sitting in your office chair. We've picked out our five favourite easy stretches that can improve posture and keep you feeling cheerful at work.

Easy stretches to improve your posture at work.

1. Stretch out your neck

Be careful with this one. Stretching too vigorously can actually damage your neck quite quickly, so concentrate on your breath and opt for smooth, slow movement. Take a breath in and rotate your head to the left whilst breathing out. Pause for five seconds, holding that stretch position. Then, bring your head back to the centre, inhaling as you do so. You can now repeat the move on your right side, remembering to hold for five seconds! Repeat three or four times on each side.

2. The Shoulder stretch

Give yourself some much-needed tension relief in the shoulder area with this glorious stretch. Start by clasping your hands behind your back with your arms pointing downwards. Keep your chest high and head straight throughout the exercise. Try to lengthen your arms and lift your hands slightly to feel a stretch through your shoulders. Hold steady for five-seven seconds then relax. Repeat three or four times.

3. Oblique and lateral trunk relief

This one will feel really good! Whilst sitting, raise on arm above your head. Then, slowly and smoothly bend over to the opposite side to your raised hand. You should feel a nice stretch all along the side of your body. Hold this position for twenty seconds, breathing in and out slowly the entire time. Repeat four times on each side.

Woman sat on an office chair with bad posture.

4. The Spinal rotation

Whilst you are sitting in your office chair, cross both of your arms across your chest so you are grabbing your shoulders with opposite hands. Rotate your body from the waist up, slowly turning to the left and then the right in turn. Stretch as far as you can then hold the position for five to seven seconds before returning to the middle.

5. Shoulder shrug movement

This is another great tension relief for your shoulders - the most likely part to feel tense and stressed during office hours. Lift your shoulders into a shrugging position and hold for a few seconds. Slowly let them drop into their regular position, feeling the tension release as you do. Repeat this three or four times as and when you need to.

How did these moves work for you?

Once you've tried all five of our easy stretches, let us know how you got on in the comments. We think it is so important to stay relaxed and comfortable at work, especially when you work at a desk all day. We'd love to hear your thoughts and if you have any further suggestions for our readers.

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