5 Features Every Modern Dining Room Should Have

5 Features Every Modern Dining Room Should Have

Let's not forget about our dining rooms

The dining room is probably one of the most underrated places in the home. Of course, not all of us have a separate room to dine in but we have a dedicated space or multi-purpose area. Either way, there's nothing nicer than gathering around a dining table with friends and family over some good food and conversation. With the warm weather lately, we've been spending a lot of time outdoors. And that got us thinking that we all too often neglect the most important space in our home - the dining room. We want to bring back the special occasions and appreciation for the good, old-fashioned family meal time. So, here are the top 5 features that we think any modern dining room should have.

Five features your dining room needs

Modern dining room

1. Comfortable but stylish chairs

Now, this may seem totally obvious. But it's easy to just bung in any old chair and say, "that'll do". We want to put a stop to this! If you want to bring back the charm of the dining room, you've got to start with the chairs. First things first, think about comfort. In an average sitting, you'll probably spend at least half an hour at the dining table. So, you want everyone present to feel comfortable - and then they'll probably stay for longer! We recommend fabric upholstered chairs with high backs if you've got a dedicated dining room. For spaces in the kitchen, try moulded plastic chairs for that up-to-date fresh look.

2. Plenty of light

It's easy to neglect dining rooms and let them sit in the dark - especially if you've been opting to sit outside or enjoy a TV dinner! We don't blame you, but it's certainly time to let a little sunshine into your dining room. There are plenty of ways to add light to a room. But when it comes to the place where you eat your meals, we recommend this: keep curtains open - even if you're not using the room. Often we forget to let light into any spaces that we aren't using. Try keeping the door open, too. It'll let the light from the rest of the house spill into the room. And if you've got a budget, try painting the walls in a lighter colour like white or a pastel shade.

3. An appropriate dining table

Of course, you'll need a dining table that will accommodate the family - or else what's the point in having a dining room?! However, it's important to remember that you shouldn't just choose the first table that takes your fancy. Sure, the design is important and you should consider how it's going to look in your dining room. But think about the measurements - will it fit in the space you've currently got? And how many people will be likely to sit around it most of the time? If you're lucky enough to have a large space, pick a long table that will fill the room. For kitchen diners or smaller rooms, try a circular table for that kitsch look.

4. Fresh flowers or greenery

You might remember to put fresh flowers in your living room and bedroom, so don't forget about the dining room! This is especially important when having guests over as it will make them feel a little bit more welcome. Flowers and greenery are also a great way to brighten up the room and create a homely feel. Just make sure you water them regularly and change them when they're ready to go. We also recommend matching your flowers to the season for that extra special touch. For example, poinsettias and white roses are great for winter whilst sunflowers scream summer!

5. A focal point: mirror or piece of artwork

If your walls are bare, you might want to consider livening the place up a little bit. Bringing the family meal times back is going to be a lot easier if the room is a nice place to be. Place a large mirror on a wall to open up the space, brighten up the light levels and give people something to check their hair in! Alternatively, you could invest in a piece of artwork, to make the room more interesting and give a focal point. Of course, if your budget and wall space allows, you might want to add both a mirror and piece of art. This will certainly make your dining room a special place to be. If art isn't your thing, why not frame some of your favourite family photographs? Dining room with flowers