Industrial Interior Design with the Tolix Dining Chair

Industrial Interior Design with the Tolix Dining Chair

The rise of industrial interior design

You may remember a couple of months ago, we created a post all about industrial interior style. We included a couple of our metal bar stools for inspiration, too. In today's blog post, we're going to delve deeper into the rise of industrialism. We'll also be showing you our new range of metal furniture, perfect for this style - the Tolix dining chair - alongside some real-life inspiration. Let's take a look at some beautiful examples of how people have brought the industrial look into their homes. We'll interchange the images with examples of our Tolix dining chair options available! And don't worry, we've included all the 'buy' links underneath the images, too.

Get inspired by colours and textures

Using plain, block colours in neutral tones can really set off a room - giving a solid base to build up your industrial style. You'll see in this example above, the designer has used metal lampshades and a solid wood table for a no-fuss impact.

The silver tolix

This is the first of our Tolix dining chairs on show, in a beautiful silver colour. Not only will this give your home the industrial feel but it'll add a nice touch of metallic, too. You can buy it here for just £49.99.

Exposed brick is always a winner

Now, there are a few details in this gorgeous bedroom that we absolutely love. Firstly, the brick wall obviously stands out as a huge industrial statement. It's easy to achieve without truly exposed brick. Simply treat yourself to some brick replica wallpaper for a great feature wall! Secondly, we love the angular, metal bedside tables. They double up as extra storage as well as style pieces.

The cuprum tolix

If you fancy something a little more vintage-looking, the Tolix dining chair in a gunmetal finish, or cuprum, is bound to be right up your street. You can purchase this piece here for just £49.99.

Less is often more

You can clearly see the minimalism in this apartment's hallway. Plain, natural wood walls meet clean, black lines in the accessories. This is the perfect way to achieve industrialism on a low budget - simply work with what you have and use the right materials.

The clear Tolix

Straight from the factory in its natural state, the clear Tolix dining chair epitomises industrial interior design. Invest in a set of these, arrange them arrange your dining table and you'll already start to achieve that rough and ready look. Buy the chair here for £49.99.

Tie the look together

Whoever designed this room really knew what they were doing. Okay, so it's not strictly a 'home' interior design but more of a bar or cafe. We still love it anyway! Notice the exposed brick making another appearance, along with the plain black finishes and natural solid wood. We're really starting to see a pattern with the kind of textures seen in industrial style.

The rustic Tolix

With a beautiful matte finish and dark, alluring colour, the Tolix dining chair in rustic really is one of a kind. If you want to add an industrial touch to your kitchen or dining room but don't want to go down the traditional metal route, this one might be for you. You can purchase it here for £49.99.

Keep it light and airy with greenery

Your industrial home doesn't have to be dark and moody. You can work with lighter colours too, using stark whites and contrasting materials to really make an impact. We really love the use of greenery here, to offset the metal furniture. You might even spot the Tolix dining chair in this one! For more interior inspiration, be sure to regularly check our blog for regular posts about the world of furniture. And don't forget to shop our entire Tolix collection here, including dining chairs and barstools.