Bar Stool Trends: How To Choose The Best Design For You

Bar Stool Trends: How To Choose The Best Design For You

What are the top bar stool trends?

 Bar stool trends; what are they and what are we expecting? For 2020, here at Lakeland Furniture we are expecting stools with lots of added detail to become the range. Fabrics such as velvet and Vintage Faux leather are also expected to trend such as our Wyatt bar stool Vintage black or our Hamilton Stool in Grey Velvet. If you are anything like us you will trawl inspiration sites such a Pinterest and will see so many designs and products that it will have you asking 'What item is right for me?' The top 3 things you will need to take into account are:

  • Do I need an adjustable height; if you have children and adults within the same house, height adjustments may be needed
  • Do I need a bar stool with a taller backrest? If you spend a lot of time on your stools comfort will be a main priority
  • What Fabric would be best? If you are likely to incur spillages on your stools then look for a fabric that is easily cleaned such as faux leather.

What Are The Top Stools We Would Suggest?

Our top 5 recommendations of stools would be

  1. Cuban Bar Stool
  2. Perona Bar Stool
  3. Athena Bar Stool
  4. Hamilton Bar stool
  5. Flo Bar Stool