Why Does Bed Height Matter and How Do I Measure It?

Why Does Bed Height Matter and How Do I Measure It?

The height of your bed matters

We know that the first thing you think of when splurging on a new bed isn’t exactly its height. You’ll be thinking about the comfort, the design and how it matches your existing furniture. First of all, you may be asking, why does the height matter? Once I’m lay on it and asleep it doesn’t make a difference, right? Wrong! Bed height is crucial. Here’s why.

Creating the perfect space

The height of a bed can actually significantly alter the way it makes your room look. If you’re house proud, this will be important to you. If you’ve already got quite a small room, it won’t help to fill it with a really tall bed. A lower bed will help to make your room look more spacious. However, if your room is quite big, especially with a high ceiling, you’ll want to go for a taller bed. This will be much more size-appropriate. Taller beds offer valuable under-bed storage space. This might be something to consider if you’re lacking on the storage front.

Aesthetically speaking

It’s also worth thinking about the kind of aesthetics your room has. Taller beds are more traditional and offer an elegant look. However, lower beds suit contemporary, trendy spaces. Low, contemporary bed

Get comfortable

In terms of comfort, your bed height can make a difference. Getting out of bed in a morning shouldn’t be a chore - despite the obvious being far too cosy to leave! You shouldn’t be straining to stand up from the bed, but you shouldn’t need to hurdle in at night either. This is obviously going to be more of a problem if you are older and less flexible!

How should you measure it?

Generally, the rule is this: if you are sitting on the edge of your bed, your feet should be firmly on the floor and your knees should make a 90-degree angle. If your knees are higher than your hips then the bed's too low; if your feet don’t touch the floor it’s too high. It will be difficult if you live with a partner of a different height, but perhaps try to compromise by meeting somewhere in the middle. Alternatively, install a small step to make getting in and out of bed easier for the shorter one of you.

A cultural phenomenon

Different cultures prefer different heights. The Japanese, for instance, have been lovers of the low bed - almost a floor bed. They call it the ‘shikibuton’. This is supposed to be good for spiritual purposes, but perhaps not if you have a bad back! Overall, the idea is to get a height that matches your body’s requirements, as well as the layout of your bedroom. After all, it's the place you spend 1/3 of your life, so make it count!