The Best Bar Stools to Suit Every Level of Budget

Shopping doesn't have to be hard...

In our increasingly digital world where ecommerce is putting the high street to shame, it can be easy to feel lost and confused. When shopping for products, whether that be furniture, clothes or gadgets, you'll be spoilt for choice. That's for certain. So, we're not surprised if you end up spending hours shopping around to find the best deal. Whether you want the cheapest thing or the highest quality or the coolest brand name is up to you. In today's blog post, we're going to talk about what we know best: furniture. Instead of you spending hours scrolling through sites to find the best bar stools for your budget, we've rounded them up here. From the lower-end to the higher-end, you're certain to find something that suits here. If you're looking for a new bar stool for your kitchen, here's a list to help you along.

Here are the best bar stools to suit any budget

First things first, we'll start with a lower budget and work our way up. Of course, a lot of you might naturally prefer to go with cheaper options. However, it's important to remember that you might get a more robust or stylish product at a higher price. All our products are of a good, consistent quality, though, so don't worry about that. Keep scrolling and see what takes your fancy...

£25.99 - Marshall bar stool

With an original price of £29.99, the Marshall bar stool has been reduced to £25.99. That means you can get four for around £100! If you're looking for a simple solution to fill your breakfast bar with seating, you can't go far wrong with the Marshall. It's available in black, cream and white, boasts 360-swivel with adjustable height and of course, it's got the good old anti-scratch base. What more could you want? Buy it here.

£33.99 - Crescent bar stool

Next up on the list and slightly higher up on the budget scale, the Crescent bar stool is the perfect accompaniment to your cocktail party. It's currently available for £33.99 and you can choose between white, red and black! For the minimalist out there, it'll be a great seating option for your breakfast bar. The Crescent comes with the usual footrest, gas lift and 360-swivel - it's also easy-clean due to its ABS plastic seat. Buy it here.

£38.99 - Wantagh bar stool

For those looking for something a little more unique, you may have to creep up the budget scale to nearer £40. For £38.99, the Wantagh is a stunning bar stool with a faux leather seat and high-shine chrome base. It doesn't have a swivel or adjustable height but what it lacks in function, it makes up for in style. The Wantagh is available in black, white and grey so you can select the perfect shade for your kitchen. Buy it here.

£42.99 - Cuban bar stool

One of our more popular designs, the Cuban is for the mid-range budget but delivers high quality. The soft padded seat is covered in faux leather and it's available in a whole array of colours. You'll notice the intricate stitching of the quilted material and the chrome plated stem. The Cuban really has thought of everything - it's comfortable, stylish and functional. Certain colours are currently available for £42.99 whilst others are £49.99. Buy it here.

£49.99 - Brando bar stool

Moving into the higher-end products now, our next pick of the best bar stools is the Scandinavian inspired Brando. If you're after an adjustable stool with easy-wipe seats, this isn't it. But if you're a fashionista in need of a modern-day seating option to make your interior design pop... you've found your perfect bar stool. The Brando is available in grey fabric and is currently £49.99. Buy it here.

£69.99 - DSW Eames bar stool

At the top of the list, you'll find the exquisite DSW Eames bar stool. It comes in a variety of beautiful colours from this vibrant green and bright orange to a deep red and a funky patchwork fabric. The classic Eames chair has been given a modern makeover with this beautiful and unique take on a bar stool. Snap one up for £69.99 to make your kitchen Pinterest-worthy in an instant! Buy it here.

Any take your fancy?

Whether you fancy treating yourself or you're after a low-cost solution for your kitchen, we're sure we have the best bar stools for you. If none of the above has got you excited, don't forget to check out our entire collection of bar stools on our website!