Black Friday Furniture Deals with Lakeland Furniture

Black Friday Furniture Deals with Lakeland Furniture

Save 29th November in your calendars, because it’s when the Black Friday deals hit the shelves in store and online.

It’s called Black Friday because of the amount of attention it has received over the years. It’s been known to cause accidents and even provoke violence as serial shoppers want the best deals, and they’ll stop at pretty much nothing to get them. Although it originates from the US and is very popular, it’s just as popular in the UK. Friday is the day to go shopping in store, whereas Cyber Monday is the online sale where you can order products without the hassle or stress.

Join Us In Our Black Friday Furniture Sale

Here at Lakeland Furniture, we have celebrated this annual event each year and it’s our pleasure to be able to round up the best deals and discounts so you can enjoy a lot more, for less. Our Black Friday furniture sale includes great savings on bar stools, dining chairs, tables, kitchen furniture and garden furniture. It’s the perfect opportunity to save some pennies building up to Christmas. To make shopping easier and much quicker, make sure you create an account if you don’t have one already – this could be the difference between ordering your favourite office chair and having to settle for one you didn’t have your eye on.

What Can You Expect?

  • Up to 50% OFF on a range of dining chairs • Up to 30% OFF on a range of bar stools and chairs
  • Up to 15% OFF on a range of office chairs

What To Keep An Eye On?

We can’t give away all of the products that are going to head into the Black Friday furniture sale, but we can tell you which products to keep an eye on. We know that this year has been one dedicated to minimalist and contemporary designs, with many new homeowners promoting a Scandinavian and contemporary interior. With this being said, the DSW Dining Chairs are coming back into fashion, making their way into homes and looking superb.

dsw dining chairs in white

Another big trend in styles and furniture trends is velvet. Crushed velvet is one material that everyone loves as it provides a smooth yet modern texture, look and feel. Our velvet dining chairs have become quite popular, and what’s better than dining in comfort?

crushed velvet dining chair set

Come visit us again when Black Friday is here, to see the rest of our amazing deals and discounts. We’re confident our product range has something to suit every style and budget. Keep our Black Friday deals page bookmarked or favourited!