Bring Autumn Into Your Home with Red & Orange Furniture Pieces

Bring Autumn Into Your Home with Red & Orange Furniture Pieces

Autumn is officially here...

And we couldn't be happier about it! The season of warmth, falling leaves, pumpkin spice and cosy jumpers is upon us. Although, we haven't got very long to enjoy autumn so we like to make the most of it as much as we can. As the weather starts to get colder, we're obviously going to be spending more time indoors. After all, this time of year is when all the good TV series come back on our screens! Strictly, X Factor, I'm a Celeb, all the crime dramas you could ever want... just to name a few. So, if we're going to be spending more time at home then we want it to look and feel as cosy as possible. Bringing autumn into your home is easy if you know how. Sticking to a warm colour scheme will definitely brighten things up whilst retaining that traditional autumnal charm - we're talking oranges, reds and golds. Lovely! Keep reading to discover our favourite furniture pieces in these beautiful cosy colours.

Shop these gorgeous red and orange furniture pieces to add a touch of autumn

Fancy injecting some autumnal colour into your home this year? We don't blame you. What's more, these vibrant, rich hues will stay bang-on-trend all year round as bright colours are more stylish than ever. We've gathered a few of our favourite pieces for you to discover, including a pretty nifty bar stool and a modern take on a classic dining chair.

DSW Dining chair with walnut legs

Of course, you've all heard of the famous DSW chair - originally designed back in the 60s by Charles and Ray Eames. Nope, we don't understand how it still looks so fresh either! This time, the DSW has gone all autumnal. It'd be absolutely perfect for your Halloween party or just to freshen up your dining room! The solid walnut legs are beautifully set off by the rich orange seat... and that's why we love this incredible product so much. It's currently available for £41.99 so you can get a set of 2 for less than £100. Bargain. Shop it by clicking here!

Cuban bar stool with adjustable height

Now, it's time for something to get the party going. We're not talking about cocktails, no... it's our Cuban bar stool! In a dashing orange shade, it's hard to not fall in love with this absolute gem of a product. Our Cuban bar stools are among some of our best selling products - probably due to their thick padded seat which offers comfort and the clever adjustable swivel seat. Perfect for gatherings, parties, lazy Sunday mornings, you name it. Now available for just £49.99. Don't miss out! Shop it by clicking here!

AVA gel acrylic dining chair

If you want a piece of furniture that's both unique and stylish, you've hit the nail on the head here. The Ava Gel dining chair comes in many colours but at this time of year, we think deep red is just perfect. It'll last you through the season and look great for Christmas. But these chairs aren't just for the holidays. After all, garnet is the gemstone of January and Valentine's Day falls in February! You'll really be able to enjoy this stand-out chair for years to come. It's easy to clean, it's light and manoeuvrable and the gorgeous chrome legs come with floor protectors to save your kitchen tiles. Currently available for £54.99 on our site. Shop it by clicking here!

DSW Eames bar stool

Taking the classic Eames DSW and turning it into something modern. The DSW bar stool is beautifully presented, with a curved ABS plastic seat and solid beech wood legs. We can see this being tucked under your breakfast bar for that Scandinavian style... or dotted around your kitchen during a fun Halloween soirée! This striking red colour will bring your house bang up to date. For best results, place it within a monochrome setting to make it pop. Currently available for £69.99 on our online store. Shop it by clicking here!   Feeling inspired yet? We think our dining chairs and bar stools are great for Halloween bashes and autumnal dinner parties - so stock up in time before the season's over! We've got plenty more orange furniture pieces where they came from. So, if you need to inject some autumn into your home, why not take a browse?