Choosing the Perfect Dining Chairs for Your Dining Table

Choosing the Perfect Dining Chairs for Your Dining Table
There's never been a better time of year to invest in a brand new set of chairs for your dining table. Christmas is coming up which inevitably means family gatherings and of course a New Year party on the horizons. A dining table with the perfect chairs is a must-have at this time of year! Ever wondered how get your dining room spot-on? Never fear, we'll help you out with that.

Ask yourself some questions

There are a few factors to consider before making that big purchase of your new chairs. First things first, are you in need of a new table too? Perhaps you'd like to consider investing in a dining set that will take all the hard work of choosing away! However, we understand how fun it can be to pick and choose your chairs and table yourself. In fact, check out this blog post we wrote on mixing and matching dining chairs.

Who will be sitting there?

This is important if you have comfort and practicality at the top of your priority list. If you will be having lots of people around the table at mealtimes, consider a bench that can fit more bums on seats than a standard set of chairs. A nice layout is to have a rustic bench on one side of the table and fill the rest of the table with regular dining chairs. Perhaps your mealtimes are more intimate and there are only two of you. If this is the case, you can really go to town on the chairs you choose. We particularly like our statement Greenwich dining chairs for really creating a modern and unique space. However, make sure you keep some room spare for whenever you have guests over! For more information on correct sizing and spacing for your chairs, check out a blog post we wrote earlier!

What is the space like?

Are your new chairs going to be placed in your designated dining room? Or will they find their home in an open-plan kitchen? Either way, it's important to consider the spacing of your new furniture within your existing space. If you are using a small room, then it may be wise to avoid chairs with arms as these can take up a lot of space. Armless chairs or chairs with slats or gaps in the back to create the illusion of a bigger room. Try our Nolita dining chair or Bergen chair for modern, compact style. If your room is bigger, you may desire a larger chair with armrests that takes up more space. We don't recommend surrounding your table with these types of chair, but simply having two - one for each head of the table. The perfect option for this is our Stockholm chair in lime green, it adds a funky element to any dining space. Try mixing and matching with our Bergen chairs (mentioned earlier) for a real Scandinavian touch.

How will they match with your table?

If interior design is your thing, you'll be desperate to make sure your new chairs look suave with your beloved table. If your table is wooden, we recommend going for a identical matching wood chair to tie the look together or opt for something completely opposite. Either way will look stylish - the worst thing you can do is attempt to match but just fall short of the shade or texture. Mixing and matching shades and textures is totally in for the coming season so don't be shy to go bold! However, there is always the option to buy a brand new table too from the same place as your chairs. That way, you're guaranteed to get a match. Aside from design, there is also size to think about. Essentially, the same rules apply as the above section. If you've got a smaller table, chairs with armrests are likely to look bulky - this is particularly true if your table is round as it limits space. However, if you have a large rectangle table, it may be beneficial to go with larger chairs with armrests to fill up the empty space!