Christmas Checklist: Get Your Home Prepared

Christmas Checklist: Get Your Home Prepared

Getting your home ready for Christmas

There is simply no better time of year than Christmas. It's the festive period where family and friends get together to celebrate and exchange gifts. Of course, there's no better place to spend this time in your own home! However, it takes a bit of preparation to get that festive feel. You've got just under a month until the celebrations really start to get underway. So, run through this checklist to make sure you've got everything sorted.

Deep clean the house

There's nothing like unwinding and relaxing on Christmas Eve knowing everything is spick and span. Granted, it'll be a mess come Christmas day. However, getting as organised as possible and keeping on top of the cleaning will make the whole celebration period a lot more enjoyable. Delegate tasks to each member of the household. Now is a great time to throw away old items that you no longer use such as toys and clothes. Charities will be grateful for the donations at this time of year, and then you can make room for all the new presents! Have a good scrub of all the kitchen surfaces, dust behind the TV and hoover everywhere. Then, you can relax for the rest of the festive period knowing everything is clean and tidy.

Get planning (to-do list, gift list, food & drinks list)

This is probably one of the most important things you can do to minimise stress and maximise enjoyment. Create a to-do list and stick it up somewhere you can see it such as the fridge or next to your front door. This will ensure that you don't forget about it and let it gather dust! What can I add to my to-do list?
  • Chores around the house that need completing
  • Visits from friends and family to prepare for
  • Decorations, presents and food & drink to stock up on
  • Who to send Christmas cards to
It might be a good idea to make separate lists for gift-buying and food-related purchases. This way, you can take these out with you when you embark on your late-night shopping adventures! The earlier you get your presents sorted, the longer you can spend relaxing and enjoy the holiday.

hanging the Decorations & lights

When's the most appropriate time to put up decks and lights? Most people would probably agree on the 1st December as that's when we start advent calendars. However, it's completely up to you. There are so many types of decorations you can go for and it's always best to have a theme in mind. Some of our favourite themes are wintery white and blue, traditional red and green, royal gold and silver. Going to a garden centre or flicking through a home magazine is sure to get you feeling inspired. Once you've chosen a theme, you can begin to collect and put up decorations. If you don't want to buy all new bits and bobs, why not get the kids involved in making some of your own? Keeping the little ones busy and saving some pennies - it's a win/win situation! Covering the house in fairy lights is also a no-brainer at Christmas. Some households love to go full-on and create a spectacular light show in the garden and around the house. However, if this isn't for you, you could go subtle with some small white lights draped around a tree in the garden and some peeking through the front window. Fairy lights look lovely wrapped around the bannister of the stairs, too.

The Christmas tree!

When you're bringing down the decorations from the loft, you'll, of course, be digging out the centrepiece - the Christmas tree. Whether you go for a real one and buy each year or keep the trusty artificial tree, it's always the most important part of decorating your house! If you want your Christmas to be truly magazine cover-worthy, make sure your tree decorations are in keeping with the theme you decided on earlier. Get the whole family involved with putting up the tree. It's an exciting occasion and really marks the start of the festive period. Be careful if you've got any pets - especially cats - as they tend to find their way into the branches of the tree and ruin it!

Creating an atmosphere: music, baking, candles

This is something that you can do as early as you'd like. Light candles with cinnamon, pine and gingerbread scents. This will really start to make your home feel ready for Christmas. Whenever you have a free afternoon, dig out the recipe books and get baking! This is an activity that the kids can get involved in, too. Gingerbread men or houses are a good start, along with the traditional mince pies and yule logs. Just the smell of baking in the home will make you feel festive. Putting on a Christmas CD have it playing in the background whilst you're baking or socialising with friends and family to get everyone in the mood. Of course, on the run-up to Christmas, you should be setting aside time to get under your favourite blanket and stick a festive film on. There are hundreds of great movies to get you ready for the big day, so snuggle up on the sofa and make this a priority.

Check your furniture

Speaking of sofas, have you got enough furniture? If you're inviting a big family for a turkey dinner, make sure you've got enough spare dining chairs to seat everyone. You might want to invest in some comfy occasional chairs too so that everyone can gather around the fire after you've eaten. What better time to enjoy a Snowball or other Christmas-y drinks?