What Colours Are Available in the DSW Chair?

What Colours Are Available in the DSW Chair?

Say hello to the DSW chair

New in at Lakeland Furniture but as timeless as ever, the DSW chair is our obsession of the moment. It's classic and it's beautiful. But more importantly, it comes in the widest range of colours imaginable! And who doesn't love a good splash of colour in the dining room? We've decided to celebrate all things colour in today's blog post and show you all the possibilities of the gorgeous Eames-style DSW. Not sure what we mean by Eames? There's a whole other blog post on that. Now, let's get down to business. It's time to explore the options available when buying this marvellous chair, thanks to its flexible ABS plastic and simple design.

What colours are available?

That all-important question. You're guaranteed a high-quality product when shopping at Lakeland Furniture, as well as the best customer service around. But once all the necessary stuff is out of the way, it's time to focus on the cosmetic details. After all, the colour of your new furniture is important, it can completely change the look of a room and even change your mood! So, here are the options you have when buying a DSW chair (or four). But first, bear in mind that each colour seat comes with either beech or walnut wooden legs.
Vibrant, sassy, statement-making colour in that durable ABS plastic. Buy it here.
Bohemian and a little bit different - the comfortable woven fabric will definitely add a certain charm to your dining room. Buy it here.
Light grey
A timeless classic but every bit modern, we love grey for interior design and always will. Buy it here.
Not ready to let go of summer yet? Or a massive fan of Halloween? This orange DSW chair in ABS plastic is sure to turn heads. Buy it here.
The colour of dreams, especially for the colder months - we love this latte shade. Buy it here.
It's the colour nature, freshness and harmony. Who doesn't want that in their dining room? Buy it here.
Dark grey
Kinda like the grey one, but darker. Moodier. We particularly love the contrast with the walnut legs, but that's just us. Buy it here.
This beautiful powder blue ABS plastic is the perfect remedy for those early mornings in the kitchen. Buy it here.
If you're one for simplicity and monochrome styling, then you'll love the ultimate DSW chair in deep black. Buy it here.
A light, neutral colour that'll fit perfectly into any Scandi-inspired dining room or kitchen. Buy it here.
If you're into contemporary interior design then this transparent ABS plastic chair will be right up your street. Buy it here.
For something simple but elegant, we recommend the vanilla DSW chair. It'll suit both old country homes and modern apartments. Buy it here.
We absolutely love the mysterious blue colour of the marine shade. Stylish and slick. Buy it here.
No, we're not ready to say goodbye to sunshine, yet. Install a little everyday brightness into your dining room with the vibrant yellow DSW! Buy it here.
Clean, minimal and monochromatic. You can't beat the simplicity of white furniture. Buy it here.

Tempted by the DSW?

Can't say we blame you. With so many colours available, it can be hard to make a decision. Think about what room your new chairs will go in, what your current interior design situation is and what you want your home to look like in the future. It's worth considering these factors before making a purchase but one thing's for certain... we know you'll be pleased with our customer service and product quality!