4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Outdoor Furniture

18th May 2018

Here are FOUR common mistakes you should avoid when buying outdoor furniture

1. Compromising on quality for a bargain

This doesn't just apply to garden furniture, of course. Every aspect of consumerism can sometimes be let down by the fact that people like cheap buys. Whether you're shopping for a new work suit or the weekly fridge re-stock, chances are you'll always be on the lookout for low prices. Yes, we like to treat ourselves but essentially, we're great at sourcing bargains. However, this can be dangerous. We understand that some products just aren't affordable and a cheaper option is the only way. But when it comes to furniture and appliances that are meant to last for years and years, we don't recommend skimping on price.

Now, a higher price doesn't always mean quality. By the same token, a low price doesn't always mean poor quality! But it's worth being sceptical and not basing your decision solely on how much money you're saving. Outdoor furniture is meant to be a long-term investment so you should treat it as such. That leads us nicely to our next point...

2. Not checking out customer reviews and feedback

A brand or store can do as much promotion and marketing as they like. At the end of the day, it's the customers that know best. If a product is a load of rubbish, the people who have bought it are going to shout about it. It is so important to check customer reviews and feedback, especially when making a large purchase like an outdoor furniture set. After all, the people who have previously purchased said set will be able to give an honest description of the product which isn't intended to sell it (unlike the page on the website).

And if there are no customer reviews? Check social media or give the company a quick Google. If you're still not getting anything that demonstrates how trustworthy or quality a brand is, that's a red flag. Ask around for recommendations from friends and family or use a website with trusted reviews and happy customers!

3. Forgetting to measure up the garden

This one is especially important if you're purchasing from an online store (like ourselves)! But it's also relevant when buying in-store as people can tend to rely on their eyes and not real figures and numbers. Any decent retailer will show measurements next to their products. And if you're serious about getting the right furniture set for your garden, you should be getting out the measuring tape! Measure up any existing furniture you might have if you're updating, or measure out the ideal space you'd like your new set to take up. You should also measure out the available garden space you have to get a broader picture of what can actually fit outside.

Don't just chance it. If you've got a huge garden, then maybe you can get away with this. But you should always be prepared and writing down a few numbers isn't going to take you more than a couple of minutes. Take these measurements into the store with you or have them handy whilst you're browsing online. If you spot an item of furniture you like but not sure if it'll fit? Write down its measurements then take your measuring tape outside to envisage what it'll look like in your space.

4. Not taking function or practicality into consideration

It's not unusual to get over-excited when shopping for new furniture, especially outdoor furniture sets. The sun is making more of an appearance and temperature is creeping up to the 20s all the time... we're not surprised you want to get out in the garden as much as possible. But hang on just a second. Before you go and pick the most Instagram-worthy furniture or something you like the colour of, think about functionality. You're not just buying this furniture to make your garden pretty (but no shame if you are). You want this to serve your family and friends throughout the summer months, host BBQs and make great memories.

Have you thought about how many people will be using the furniture? Have you got a big family or is it just you and your partner? Will you be eating outside often or just sunbathing? These are all the factors you need to consider when deciding what to buy. There's no point spending money on an outdoor furniture set if it doesn't do what you want it to do.

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