How to Create a Gallery Wall in Your Home

How to Create a Gallery Wall in Your Home

Gallery walls are a blogger's favourite

You may have noticed the recent trend of gallery walls 'popping up' lately. Pardon the pun. We definitely have. From the mood boards of Pinterest to our Instagram feeds, bloggers and the Average Joe alike have really taken to this stylish and impactful way of decorating walls. Whether in the bedroom, the dining room or the hallway, we've seen gallery walls becoming a prominent trend in the interior design world. If you think about it, Pinterest and Instagram are almost like mini virtual gallery walls. So, it's no surprise we've taken our obsession with image collages into the physical world. Today's blog post is going to take you through the 'how-to' of putting together a gallery wall. Keep reading to make your bedroom/bathroom/kitchen wall come to life!

How to create a gallery wall

Let's get straight down to it. There are several ways you can go about creating a gallery wall and we've listed them all right here. Whether you want to do this on a budget or you've been saving up for a while, you'll hopefully come away feeling prepared and ready to start your personalised gallery. We'll also explore the different types of galleries and which one might be right for you and your home.
On a budget? Here is how to start your gallery wall for cheap
The most cost-effective way to create your gallery way really is to do most things from scratch. Instead of buying expensive prints and ornate frames, visit your local DIY store for spare wood that you can cut into frames. Failing that, buy the cheapest frames possible from a homeware store. Don't forget, you can always spray paint them into your preferred colour! When it comes to the prints, source images online (that you like, of course) and print them off yourself. Of course, this will depend on if you have a printer handy or not but most local libraries will allow you to use one. You may be limited to a certain size but you should be able to print at least A4.
Treating yourself? Here's how to shop for your gallery wall
There are many ways you can spend some money and create your gallery wall. Many online retailers, as well as your high-street homeware stores, sell beautiful prints. You can choose to buy these framed or simply buy the prints and add them to your own frames. Sometimes, you'll also get the chance to buy prints as canvasses so you don't even have to worry about frames! We recommend checking out stores like Desenio and Juniqe as they have a huge collection of prints and often have good deals going. As we mentioned, you can opt to get these sent to you already framed but to save a few pennies, it might be worth shopping around for cheaper frames separately. Don't just settle for buying prints from new, you might be able to dig out some of your old favourite posters if you look around the house! Vintage posters, old photos, postcards and other prints can make great features in gallery walls. It's worth checking out your local thrift or vintage store for framed prints to add, too.
Choosing your prints or posters
This is the most important step when figuring out how to create a gallery wall. Of course, your frames and layout are important but ultimately your artwork is going to set the tone for your wall. Some people like to use sharp photography of nature and floral images. Some people prefer illustrations and cartoon imagery. Of course, it's up to you but here are some of our favourite types of artwork seen on gallery walls:
  • Close-ups of florals
  • Nature photography
  • Abstract illustrations
  • Vintage posters and adverts
  • Photographs of family and friends
  • Graphic prints of cities around the world
  • Quotes on simple backgrounds
How to figure out the layout of your wall & finish it off!
Once you've got all your prints, posters and frames at the ready, it's time to figure out your wall's layout. There are several ways you can create your gallery wall. Line up four prints of the same size in a line to create a clean, symmetrical look. Alternatively, spread five or more prints in an uneven cluster to create a DIY, cosy look. It's totally up to you. However, we recommend testing out the layout before putting nails in the wall! If you can't use nails in your home, try Command Hooks or Strips. Thank us later.
Check out these different types of gallery walls
For some inspiration on how to curate your gallery wall, we've rounded up a few of our favourites from around the web. Feast your eyes on these beauties - there's something for everyone! If you like your home to be neat and coordinated, this gallery wall style may be for you. This design takes a single image and transfers it across several individual prints. Minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing! We love. If retro or vintage is your thing, then you'll love this one. A balanced, symmetrical gallery wall but jam-packed with old car adverts. It'd be super easy to collect prints for this type of wall, just pick up a load of old magazines from your local vintage store and rip out any that take your fancy! Now, for those who are into more eclectic, DIY-style gallery walls, this one could be for you. The person who created this wall has used a variety of prints and frames but somehow managed to tie it all together into a semi-cohesive look. Not for the style-shy but definitely a winner in our eyes.

For more inspiration, where better than Pinterest?

[pinterest board=""] If you're loving gallery walls as much as we are, just let us know in the comments! We'd love to hear how to create a gallery wall from your point of view as well as your favourite places to shop for prints and artwork.