Creating the Perfect Home Bar with Pinterest

Creating the Perfect Home Bar with Pinterest

Ever wondered how to achieve the ultimate home bar?

In the majority of modern homes, you'll find the core rooms: bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room. Some of us might have dining rooms. Some may have conservatories or utility rooms or additional reception rooms. And of course, some may decide to utilise their space to create a home bar! A home bar doesn't necessarily need to inhabit its own room. You can just as easily fit a DIY bar into your kitchen, dining room or even living room. Here's how to achieve that perfect drinking spot, with a little inspiration from Pinterest and our product range. So, what does the perfect home bar entail? Well, it's entirely subjective, of course, as is anything in the home. However, we have a few ideas for the dream set-up:
  • A counter or surface to place your drinks on
  • Bar stools or comfy armchairs
  • Bar cart or shelving
  • A collection of your favourite spirits, wines or liqueurs
  • Glasses, tumblers and cocktail-making accessories
  • Bar snacks optional...

What do Pinterest users say?

Anyone who's anyone in the interiors world knows that Pinterest is pretty much an encyclopedia of inspiration. Whichever room of the house you're looking to decorate, someone on Pinterest will have created an entire mood board dedicated to it. Whether you're given the kitchen a complete overhaul or looking to spruce up your garden shed, you can guarantee there'll be a pin for it. But today, we're interested in the home bar. And yep, there are mood boards for that too. So here are some of our favourite boards for giving us serious home bar envy... Home bars by First Sense Interiors [pinterest board=""] Home Bar by House of Brissi [pinterest board=""] Home Bar & Glassware by Jennifer White [pinterest board=""]

Our top tips for your bar

Now you're all Pinterest-ed out, it's time for some of our best tips for successfully creating a home bar. Whether you just want a cosy little drinking spot or a fully-fledged, dedicated room to host parties, you can't go wrong with these top tips:
1.  Plan your alcohol collection
Of course, whatever bottles already exist in your collection are worth adding to your bar. However, if you have some special bottles that you don't want guests to help themselves to, it might be worth investing in a locked cabinet to keep separate! Do not go crazy buying every type of bottle under the sun. Start by collecting alcohol that you know you and your family or friends definitely enjoy. Then, add the usual suspects that make up the ingredients of a lot of cocktails such as vodka, rum, gin, whisky and tequila. Don't forget your mixers and flavour additions: grenadine, lemon and lime juice, cranberry juice, orange juice and of course... ice.
2. Ensure you have the basic equipment
It's easy to get excited about alcohol and forget about your equipment. You'll need a collection of basic glassware for a variety of drinks: wine, beer, cocktails and shorts. However, remember to only buy what you think you'll definitely use, at first. You can always build on your collection as you go along. We recommend purchasing a cheap cocktail-making set, like this one from Amazon, before you invest in a proper bartender's set. Also, don't forget you'll need a bottle opener and corkscrew for beers and wines.
3.  Prepare your space depending on how you'll be using it
This may be slightly easier if you've dedicated an entire space to your home bar, but nevertheless, it's worth planning ahead. If you're going to be hosting plenty of parties, make sure your bar area is situated near to some seating so people can sit and enjoy their drinks! Of course, if the party is going to get lively, you might want to make some space for your guests to have a dance. Regardless of whether you have an entire room to work with or not, bear one thing in mind: your home bar should work for you first and foremost.

Lakeland Furniture's home bar product range

Now it's time to have a look at some of our favourite products from our range which you can use in your new dedicated drinking spot. Take a look at our top picks below:
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