Dining Chair Trends: How To Choose The Best Design For You

Dining Chair Trends: How To Choose The Best Design For You

Current Dining Chair Trends: What Are They & What Are We Expecting?

For 2020, here at Lakeland Furniture we are expecting dining chair trends with lots of colour and different textures. For example our Lule Dining Chair Dark Green  or DSW Dining Chairs If you are anything like us you will trawl inspiration sites such Pinterest and will see so many designs and products that it will have you asking 'What item is right for me?'

The Top 3 Things You Will Need To Take Into Account:

  • What Fabric would be best for you and your family? If you are likely to incur spillages on your dining chairs then look for a fabric that is easily cleaned such as faux leather.
  • Do I need a dining chair with a taller backrest? If you spend a lot of time on your dining chairs comfort will be a main priority.
  • Settling on the style; Choose something that would work with your dining table.

What Are The Top 5 Dining Chairs We Recommend?

Our Top 5 recommendations of Dining Chairs would be:

  1. The DSW 
  2. The Opus
  3. The Stockholm
  4. The Ava
  5. The Halmstad 

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