Designer Kitchens for 2019

24th April 2019

The humble kitchen is often described as ‘the heart of the home’ and is usually the most used room:- a gathering space, for family mealtimes, entertaining family and friends, help children with homework.

The kitchen very often has to fulfil a number of uses and kitchen styles and decor trends come and go, some styles are considered to be so ‘out of date’ they hope never to be seen again.

The History of Kitchen designs

Kitchens have changed drastically over the last 100 years 1920’s - in the ‘roaring’20s, the kitchen was all about simplicity, all white and most importantly functional, linoleum floors and easy to clean rugs.

In the 1930s, the great depression was a difficult time and people were motivated to change their home interiors from a stark white to something more uplifting and added bright yellow or green colour schemes.

In the 1940s, the start of WW2 encouraged a patriotic streak, and people used a red, white and blue colour scheme in the kitchen, together with sharp-edged or completely curved pieces of kitchen furniture, and metal cabinets were popular.

The 1950s brought happier times and people began to add a splash of colour to their kitchen decor - Canary Yellow and Bright Red with Formica topped tables, coloured refrigerators, and stainless steel worktops.

1960s - The ‘swinging sixties’ was a time of ‘self-expression’ and kitchen designs saw a major change. Kitchens were beginning to be used for entertaining and not just for cooking.

People began to express their own personality with wooden cabinets, Formica topped tables and kitchen units, often in a burnt orange or bright red colour. Shagpile rugs and stainless steel accessories were beginning to creep into designs.

The 1970’s brought earthenware styles - wooden cabinets, wood coloured wall coverings, tiled backsplashes, and ‘avocado’ coloured appliances were the height of interior design.

The 1980’s became a decade of indulgence and luxury. Kitchen designs featured ‘track lighting’ brick flooring and black appliances.

In the 1990’s the ‘Country’ look was the trend with oak cabinets, vinyl flooring, and ‘sponge’ painting became a sign of the times.

In 2000 kitchens became much sleeker in style, with lots of stainless steel, updated appliances and shiny new materials, dark cabinets and granite worktops.

2010 - eventually arriving in our present decade, design trends have been subway tiles, open and airy spaces, farmhouse sinks, and yet again lots of white.

So what is the current trend for kitchen designs in 2019?

Whether you are planning to completely refurbish or just ‘freshen up’ your kitchen, there are many design trends to choose from. In 2019 Kitchens will be a mix of classic and modern. Modern amenities and integrated looks, warm, welcoming and attractive, as 2019 appears to be ‘closing the door’ on pure white kitchens.


These are becoming very popular, completely moving away from all white cabinets. They certainly make a statement and work well with contrasting metal appliances. Green cabinetry, accessories and tiles, cabinetry in tones of emerald and forestry green seem set to be the colour for 2019. Green can be dramatic and luxurious when used in the kitchen.

Coloured Upholstery - even if it is only adding one accent colour, coloured chairs or stools, or coloured accessories or coloured splashbacks, colour, appears to be creeping into the complete white designs of kitchen pasts.

Integrated Appliances will continue to be popular. Induction cookers, slim cooker hoods which turn on automatically, all help to create a neat and compact appearance.

Pendant light fixtures help to denote different areas in an open plan space.

More and more people are using Digital Technology in the kitchen, especially if you like to have your morning coffee waiting for you when you get up in the morning.


Kitchen Storage- Cleverly concealed storage, concealed and integrated into kitchen design. Most people would like to have a kitchen that makes the most of every inch of space, that is both space saving and stylish, adding a clutter-free environment to the kitchen. Countertop storage, built in Cabinets, and Open Shelving are ways to minimise clutter and keep your kitchen organized.

A Kitchen Island with cupboard space and drawers is a welcome addition to kitchen storage, whilst keeping wall space relatively free.

Open Shelving, whilst extremely popular in years gone by is now becoming popular again, and is now inspired by hotel and retail spaces, creating a bold statement when replacing upper cabinets with metal, wood or glass shelving and forgoing the minimalism that was popular in years gone by.

A walk in Pantry is a further option for storage, and also sliding doors maximise space, and makes this type of storage very practical.

If space is at a premium why not create a ‘bar’ to house your wine and spirit collection, and display your glassware, another good use of kitchen storage.


A further ‘trend’ for this year appears to be a ‘Freestanding Kitchen’. For a more relaxed approach to kitchen design, kitchen units that are not fixed to the wall or floor and can, therefore, be configured to suit individual requirements. The main components of a freestanding kitchen are often Island Units, Storage Units, Display Dressers, and Wheeled Trolleys, which can be freely moved around the kitchen space.

There are many benefits to a freestanding kitchen, one being you don’t have to have costly fitted appliances, you can use existing or second-hand furniture, ie cupboard, dresser or sideboards, and these can be moved about if you wish to redesign your kitchen space. The fact that everything doesn’t have to match often means freestanding kitchens are a more affordable option.

Design Trends

Less is definitely more when choosing freestanding furniture, ensuring there is enough space to use your kitchen comfortably.

Kitchens may need to be functional by design but 2019 sees a more lighthearted approach to designs. A tiled splashback and mismatched chairs can offer a quirky but fun appeal to a kitchen space, and add a brightly coloured fridge to complete an exciting and unique kitchen.

Fridges are coming out bigger, and in bolder braver colours to complement any kitchen area. Brushed brass and copper are this year's stand out metals, giving a luxurious finish to handles, small appliances and brass or copper taps can be seen everywhere. Even built-in ovens are getting the metal trim treatment.

Funky splashbacks are adding a wow factor, your choice is to go ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ with the palette and luxury Vinyl Flooring has again become popular in kitchens, with many designs to choose from, traditional patterns or strong bold colours.

A bulky Extractor Fan can ruin the look of a super sleek minimalist kitchen, why not choose a glass framed and LED backlit extractor fan to complete that sleek kitchen appeal.

The trend for plain stainless steel is over, and the warm bold look of black stainless steel is here to take its place.

Column refrigeration is set to become another of the latest kitchen trends, with column refrigeration you can mix and match your fridge and freezer, and add extra fridge space if you need it.


Whether you live in the kitchen or just brew tea or coffee and make toast, there will be an appliance for you that will make your culinary life easier, and exciting.

Nearly every major appliance brand on the market has at least one smart model available. Now you can control your appliances from across the house with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, or while away from home with your smartphone. Connected appliances make mealtimes, clean up and everyday living simple.

Appliance trends are improving greatly every year, and 2019 is no exception

Smart Kitchen Gadgets are as varied as any kitchen appliance. There are broad multi-purpose devices like ovens and there are specific and common tools like coffee makers. There are unique and incredibly useful appliances you might not have heard of before but don't know how you lived without.

Welcome to the endless and exciting design choices for your beautiful kitchen.

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