How Do I Dismantle a Bar Stool?

25th June 2018

How to dismantle a bar stool

Has it come to the end of your relationship with your favourite bar stool? Are you moving home and need to flat-pack everything? Or are you simply just wondering how you dismantle a bar stool, should you ever need to? With our quick and easy guide, you'll be well on your way in no time. Quite some time ago, we published a blog post on the topic. However, the time has come to release an updated version as you know we like to keep all our posts fresh and as accurate as possible. So, here it is, our ultimate guide to help you dismantle a bar stool.

What you need to do

First things first, you should get to grips with the parts that make up your bar stool. If you assembled the stool, you might be familiar with the parts. To refresh your memory, here's what you'll generally be working with:

  •  base
  • decorative collar
  • tubular stem with gas lift lever and footrest
  • hydraulic gas lift column
  • seat pad
  • screws
  • Allen key

You may need to dig out the Allen key you used to assemble the stool in the first place or purchase a new one. Bear in mind that bar stools are held so securely together due to the compression joins. These can be difficult to disassemble but if you follow these easy steps, you should have no problem. You will need a hammer or rubber mallet for some of the steps.

Remove the seat

Start by removing the seat from the top of the base using the Allen key. Then, you'll need to store the seat away in a safe and suitable place - consider wrapping in bubble wrap if transporting.

Remove the central column

Now, it's time to remove the central column which contains the hydraulic gas mechanism. You'll need to turn the stool upside down to do this. Hold the column with your hand just above the base. Then, use the hammer/mallet to firmly tap the protruding end of the column. Do not accidently hit the black clip in the centre! Okay, now this has been done, you should find that the central column slides right out. You can always try spraying a little WD40 into the joint if it causes any difficulty.

Remove the footrest column

Turn the stool the right way up and hold the footrest column between your legs. Then, using the mallet again, tap around the orange gas lift button. You should find that the base easily slides out. Try tapping the other side if it doesn't work the first time.

Tip: using a rubber mallet will reduce any damage to the bar stool during the dismantling process. This is especially important if you are moving your stool to a new house and want to keep it in good condition!

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