Easy DIY Garden Ideas for Summer 2018

10th April 2018

Get your garden ready for summer

Are you thinking what we're thinking? Summer? Yes, we're really discussing summer in today's blog post. It might only just feel like Spring but we're always planning ahead here at Lakeland Furniture. We've been seeing a lot of garden preparation blog posts across the internet and plenty of gardening Pinterest boards. However, we can't help but think that these 'tips and tricks' are often a little difficult to achieve for the average person.

So, we decided to put together our own little guide to making your garden extra special this summer. Of course, we're only focusing on DIY garden ideas (focus on DIY), not huge outdoor overhauls that require getting the builders in. With a little help from our trust friend Pinterest and some wonderful advice from everyone in the office, here's your DIY garden guide for summer 2018!

Our top DIY garden tips

There are many things you can do to your make your garden look nicer for the summer months. However, we believe that the smallest and simplest of touches can really be the most effective! Keep reading to find out our favourite ways to incorporate DIY projects into your garden... even the kids can join in!

Create beautiful displays with old buckets

Yep, really. You can take your oldest, rusty bucket and turn it into something magical. This is possibly the easiest yet most effective garden DIY you can do. Fill the bucket with water and float tea lights, flowers and leaves on top. You could use fake flowers if you want it to last a little longer. Sounds simple? Well, it is! And it can really leave a lasting impression on friends and family who come to visit. You'll also gain some ambient lighting when you light the candles at night. Optional extra: paint the bucket in a metallic or pastel finish to add a special touch.

Image by Debi Treolar

Make use of recycled jars

Speaking of ambient lighting, you can use recycled old mason jars to bring your garden to life. You can create a fairytale-esque display by placing candles into jars and lighting them! Of course, you'll have to either leave the lid off or punch holes in the lid to keep the flames alight. In terms of display, you can either place the jars on a table or line a path with them. Alternatively, hang them across a fence using simple nails and chain or wire.

Create your own pretty bird-feeder

The kids will definitely love to get involved in this one, especially as you can check back to see if any birds have taken advantage! Start by selecting any old teacups or mugs you no longer use or purchase some cheap ones from a charity shop. Then,  glue the mug to an old saucer or small plate so it looks like it has fallen over. You can then tie a string to the cup's handle and attach to tree branches or anywhere suitable. Next, fill the mug/plate with bird feed so it looks like it's spilling out. There, you've created a quirky and cute bird feeder!

Image by David Giles

Add colour to your garden with customised plant pots

This is where you can get really creative! Gather together all your old cans, pots and cylindrical containers. Then, get handy with some paints and decorations! Spruce up the pots so that they look like something out of a craft fair - we recommend pastel coloured paints and a touch of glitter (if that's your thing). Of course, you can always take advantage of the original look of your chosen can or pot. For example, we've seen a whole collection of plants in old golden syrup tins! Next, fill the pots with soil and plant your chosen seeds or bedding plants. Voila! You're ready to impress. You can show off your plant pots wherever you like, but make sure you remember to water them and expose them to sunlight.

In need of more ideas?

Well, we'd love to sit and write down all of our garden DIY ideas but chances are you're probably raring to get going! However, if you are looking for a few extra tricks... check out this amazing Pinterest board we found:


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