Is the Eames Chair the Most Stylish Chair on the Market?

Is the Eames Chair the Most Stylish Chair on the Market?

Is the Eames Chair the Most Stylish Chair on the Market?

Naturally, this is a question we've been asking a lot lately. We've launched a massive new range of Eames chairs on our furniture store and we've also noticed them increasing in popularity elsewhere. So, of course, we're wondering just why it is that this designer replica seating is the must-have item of the year. Is the Eames chair the most stylish chair on the market right now? Let's explore the possibilities.

The facts

What makes something stylish? Well, the dictionary says it's something that's "fashionably elegant and sophisticated". We'd definitely say our Eames chairs are elegant and sophisticated, although you could argue it's a matter of opinion. Fashionable simply means "characteristic of, influenced by, or representing a currently popular style." We can't debate that - the Eames is definitely a currently popular style! To prove this, let's look at what people are searching on the internet. Google Trends shows that the search term 'Eames chair' has been on a gradual upward trajectory since around 2010/2011. Then, the phrase had a massive increase in popularity over the past year. You can't argue with Google. Also, let's take a step back to when the Eames chair first rose to popularity. That was in the 1950s and 1960s when a revolution of style and fashion was underway. People were starting to wear brighter colours and bring more daring design into the home. Ray and Charles Eames (the original designers) definitely contributed to this. We know this trend as mid-century design today but like all good things, it's come back around. The craze of vintage/retro clothing and furniture is unmissable. A quick Google Trends check clearly shows that the search term 'vintage' has become massively popular ever since 2011 - it's continued to grow since then. So, we think it's safe to assume that the Eames chairs are the perfect accessory to our modern love of everything vintage. Click here to learn four interesting facts about the Eames dining chair!

Back in the day

This fascinating Pinterest board shows off Eames designs through the ages. Take a look to see how interior design has changed over the years and how the Eames chair has always found a way to fit in! Bear in mind, one of the most popular Eames products was the lounge chair with ottoman. This is a classic design but not one that is so easily replicated. The DSW and other dining chairs are much easier to replicate and so that's perhaps why they are so popular today, still. [pinterest board=""]

How the Eames chair is used today

When it first became a common household piece, the Eames DSW chair was mostly used as a dining chair but its purpose was to be versatile. Nowadays, we're seeing these styles everywhere. You don't have to look very far. For example, many modern offices are using these chairs in boardrooms or around meeting tables as they're cheap to buy in bulk. Because of this reason, we're also seeing the Eames style in cafes and bars as seating options. In the home, people will use these chairs just about anywhere. Sure, they're still unbeatable as a classic dining chair but they make great accent chairs and fit into the bedroom, living room and hallway, too. We've rounded up a collection of images from around the web. The following snaps perfectly sum up the versatility of the Eames chair. Keep scrolling to get your daily dose of interior inspiration...

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