Eames Dining Chair: 4 Interesting Facts to Know

4th September 2018

Eames Dining Chair: 4 Facts You Should Know

Eames chairs have risen in popularity massively over the past few years. Of course, they were always popular in the first place, back in the 50s and 60s. However, as with all things in fashion and style, trends come back around again. There's a reason why you're seeing the Eames style everywhere - we've all cottoned onto replicas. Here at Lakeland Furniture, we sell the highest-quality replicas of the original designer products, from the Eames dining chair to the classic rocking chair. We all know how simply stunning this furniture is but do we know the history of it? The background behind the designs? In today's blog post, we share three interesting facts with you that you may not have known about the famous Eames chair.

1. The original colours of the chair

You might be used to seeing your favourite Eames dining chair style in a wide array of colours. For example, we stock over 10 different colours - you really will feel spoilt for choice. However, take it back a few years to when the original Eames chair was first made. The initial colour choices available were 'greige', 'parchment' and 'elephant hide grey'. Pretty neutral, right? But soon after, Ray Eames added in a few brighter colours like red and yellow. And now? Well, the possibilities are endless!

2. The designers' previous work for soldiers

Before making waves in the interior world, Ray and Charles Eames used their flair for pioneering design to create transport splints for soldiers fighting in the second world war. The splints, along with stretchers and other tools, were used for emergency transportation of injured soldiers whilst being cheap to manufacture and ship over. It was a win-win situation, really. Although not directly related to dining chairs, it's worth knowing this fun fact - after all, you know you're in safe hands with the design of your Eames chair!

3. The codes for the different types of chair

Now, you may have already noticed this but you're still struggling to get your head around it. It's quite simple. To differentiate the different types of Eames chair, we used lettered codes. Seen DSW, RAR and DSR being thrown around the place? Let's explain them to you. The most popular designs, DSW and DSR, stand for Dining, Side (No Armrests) and either Rod or Wood (referring to the material of the chairs legs). There you have it - you'll be clued up next time you're browsing! Oh, and just a heads up, an R at the start of any code (e.g. RAR) stands for rocking.

4. One of Charles Eames' favourite quote

As much as we love furniture and the world of interior design, sometimes it's nice to learn more personal facts about the designers behind the product. Charles Eames, the original creator of our beloved Eames dining chair, sadly died in 1978. However, there's a particularly lovely quote that was apparently one of his favourites throughout his lifetime. "At all times, love and discipline have led to a beautiful environment and a good life" - we reckon that's a pretty good philosophy to have.

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