Futuristic Kitchens

Futuristic Kitchens

What does the kitchen of the future look like?

The kitchen is often thought to be the heart of the home - its where we meet to talk, eat, relax and perhaps plan, but it is felt that architects and designers in five years time will aim to make our homes eco-friendlier as well, particularly our kitchens. In the same way that kitchen islands have become something of a trend in recent years, so too will new kitchen tech. Where you are now looking for matching kitchen stools, in 5 years time, you might be shopping for smart coffee machines! Some of the ideas and designs which are appearing are:-

Kitchen Technology

The concept of the internet is nothing new but the idea that all of our appliances will communicate, basically taking us, the human, out of the equation is a fairly new concept. In practice what this means is that we can monitor the heat and security of our home through a smartphone or tablet, when we are not present, but in the future, it will no doubt evolve. An example of this could be, your alarm clock goes off in the morning and informs your coffee machine to create a coffee. Going into the fridge there is fresh milk, you ran out yesterday, but your fridge new and informed your online shopping account, you got a push notification on your smartphone to approve the purchase. The item was then added to your weekly shop, and drove technology left the package for you! We have embraced technology into most areas of our lives, but it is felt ‘the kitchen’ is going to get the space age treatment next. Not only will these leaps forward help to make things easier for the average cook, but they will also be better for the environment. One of the big trends will be controlling fridges and cookers when we are not even at home. You will be able to look at an App which will tell you exactly what is in the fridge, and it can also give you ideas on what to cook. You will be able to pre-heat your cooker before you get home, cutting down on valuable time. It should mean less food waste and easier dinner times. Next generation appliances will be app-controlled, wi-fi enabled and in some cases even voice controlled. And to keep your new companion happy dishwasher tablets and rinse aid will be ordered automatically when they’re running low. A similar feature on fridges will mean you will never run out of milk again. Connecting your appliances to an App will mean the ultimate ‘hands off cooking’. By taking a picture of the contents of your fridge, the app will be able to choose a suitable recipe and select the oven temperature for it to cook. Cooking smells will also be a thing of the past as the extractor fan will be adjusted to suit the type of meal that you are making. Add in the food processor that you already have to chop the veg and there won’t be much work left in the making of dinner. Midweek meals will be revolutionised forever. Maybe leaving us some extra time for the week-end to leisurely create a meal, as some of us actually enjoy cooking and baking as a way of relaxing. The future of intercommunicating devices is very exciting. It would be easy to let our imaginations run wild when thinking about future designs of our kitchens, a popular opinion amongst designers suggest that our kitchens of the future will not appear to be much different than they are today, with the exception of innovative appliances. The basic elements that make our kitchens will remain, cabinets, worktops, pantry storage, recycling bins. Homemakers have always wanted features that provide classic style and basic function, and while space, climate and cultural differences influence how individual kitchens will look, there is a thread of familiarity running through every kitchen style - even those of the future. To know what a typical ‘Kitchen of the Future’ will look like technology wise we simply need to look at the technological trends which are already shaking up the world of kitchen design.

Interactive Cooking

The future designs include interactive Induction hobs, which not only heat the bottom of the pan but heats the entire pan, meaning food is cooked faster and more evenly. Pans can be placed anywhere on the cooking surface, not on one particular heating area. Technology doesn’t end there - an overhead projector will beam recipe and cooking information straight onto the countertop! This is likely to be commonplace in future kitchens before very much longer.

Smart Refrigerators

It is felt that fridges, as we know them, will disappear completely in future kitchens. In its place inductive cooling containers will sit on Induction shelves to cool our goods. Simply set the container on an induction cooling table and food will be chilled in an instant. This idea, as yet, is still not convincing everyone. Although fridges of the future will likely be able to keep track of what’s inside. Manufacturers are making huge strides in facilitating individual cooling zones so refrigerated goods can be stored at optimal temperatures. Fridges of the future will likely be able to keep track of what’s inside too. While this tech already exists (users have to input their goods into an app one by one), fridges of the future will be able to determine what’s inside without any user interaction. This will likely be done through barcode scanners installed in the fridge, or pressure sensors built into the fridge shelves.

“Green” sinks and dishwashers

These are thought to be one of the features which will have the most impact, as the emphasis continues on wasting less, and the future of sustainable kitchens looks bright. For example, discarded water from sinks and dishwashers won’t be flushed immediately but divided into safe and unsafe water, some of which can be used to feed plants. Food waste will be composted, and devices of the future will have more functionality in smaller packages.

Porcelain & Quartz Countertops

Most of us have our own opinions, likes and dislikes when it comes to countertops. Granite and Marble have always been popular, as it is felt they are better to work on and easier to keep clean. In kitchens of the future porcelain and quartz stone tops appear to be a favourite, and engineered quartz is especially popular as it combines the best man and nature have to offer. It is made by combining natural quartz and resins to create a top with the same strength as granite, but better impact resistance, it also doesn’t need to be sealed, making it a popular trend in latest designs. Porcelain, unlike quartz, can’t be scratched, burnt or stained and doesn’t show fingerprints, so these two choices appear to be at the forefront of designs. Although kitchens may look similar in design, it’s what is hidden under ‘the hood’ which can create a whole new world of design possibilities.

Eco Kitchen Designs

It is likely that the architect or designer in five years time will push to make our home eco-friendlier. This change will affect the kitchen in many ways. First and foremost will be the way we process our rubbish. There is a slight possibility that homes of the future will start to process their own recycling. Many homes are already encouraged to separate food waste and general waste. In the future, it is not inconceivable that some of this recycling process will come in-house. Many believe the future of renewables is in Anaerobic Digestion, which is the process of creating energy from food and other forms of organic waste. Small plants could be installed in homes, decreasing a home’s reliance on the national grid. Depending on your individual style and requirements,” Kitchens of the Future “ and Technology, in particular, will give us a kitchen we will be excited to use and something we have never seen before !!!