Preparing Your Guest Bedroom for the Christmas Holidays

Preparing Your Guest Bedroom for the Christmas Holidays
The guest bedroom isn't necessarily the most well-kept room of the house. If you're lucky enough to have one, it probably gets misused as a laundry room or storage space most of the year. That's okay, we're all guilty of it! However, it's more likely to get used around this time of year, coming up to the festive season. There are parties, gatherings and family meals happening all the time now. So why wouldn't you want to make the most of your guest bedroom and have your loved ones over to stay? Of course, it'll need some TLC first. But don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll run through all the basics with you to get it looking (almost) as fabulous as a boutique hotel room, but with some slightly more homely touches.

1. Give the room a good clean & tidy

Hoovering, dusting, polishing: it should all go without saying really. You're probably going to do this to the whole house before you have visitors but it's even more important to get rid of the cobwebs where they'll be sleeping. Putting down fresh bedding will also really make the room feel a whole lot cleaner. [caption id="attachment_815" align="alignnone" width="840"] Clean, fresh bedding is a no-brainer[/caption] You'll also need to make sure that the room actually serves its purpose. In other words, it can no longer be your storage room! Start by gathering everything together that isn't meant to live there. Bags of clothes for the charity shop, boxes of toys and all those Christmas decorations can come out of there! Hey, you can begin to put those Christmas decks up soon so you won't need to find another home for those just yet. The more empty the guest bedroom, the more at home your guest will feel. We know this sounds kind of strange, but no-one wants to wake up in a strange house to a load of belongings that aren't theirs. Your guest will probably be bringing their own clothes, but keep reading to find out what you should be providing...

2. Make it a home from home

You want your visitors to feel as homely as possible whilst they're staying with you. They bring absolutely everything they could ever need with them. However, don't assume this. Provide mini toiletries like toothpaste, shampoo and body wash. Lay out fresh towels on the end of the bed, hotel-style. If you've got females staying, hideaway sanitary products in the bedside drawers. If there are children staying in your spare room, you could leave out some colouring books and pencils for them. Think about what your guest loves - maybe a certain alcoholic beverage or type of chocolate - and buy it in miniature form to leave on the dressing table or sideboard. It's a nice touch but won't leave you out of pocket. [caption id="attachment_811" align="alignnone" width="840"] Fill the wardrobe with hangers for your guest[/caption] It's important to make sure that your guest will be warm enough in the room. Turn the radiators on before they arrive and air out the room if it's been unused for a while.  If there's a wardrobe in the guest bedroom, make sure you've filled it with hangers! One last thing, don't forget to check the bulbs in the light fittings. Often when we have a spare room we let it go unmaintained. Check all of these things before your guest arrives so they don't have to awkwardly make you aware of the problems.

3. Extra little touches

None of these points is essential. However, they are likely to make your guest feel extra special and enjoy their stay even more. You could place some additional pieces of furniture in the room to make it seem more homely. For example, borrow a dining chair or accent chair from downstairs to give them somewhere to sit and do their make-up. You could also put down a rug for extra cosiness. If you've got a spare storage cabinet, put that in the room to give guests more space for their things. A mirror is always a nice feature to have if there's not one in there already. Next, you could fill the room with small items that make it look more lived-in. For example, put books on the shelves and a fresh vase of flowers on the windowsill. A scented candle will always go down a treat! Speaking of treats... [caption id="attachment_813" align="alignnone" width="840"] Everyone loves a scented candle[/caption]

4. If your guest is really lucky...

You might want to put Christmas decorations in the guest bedroom. This may only be possible if you've got a big budget or plenty of spares. Fairy lights are always a great touch and if you're feeling extra nice you might even put up a Christmas tree to get your guests in the festive mood! There are plenty of ways to inject a bit of that seasonal spirit into the room without breaking the bank. A lovely idea is to bake some gingerbread cookies (or similar confectionary item) and leave them on a plate in the room to await your guest. If you're going to put up decorations, keep the colours in keeping with the room's decor so it looks neat and stylish. Alternatively, stick to neutral colours like silvers and golds. [caption id="attachment_817" align="alignnone" width="840"] Make the room feel festive with fairy lights and decorations[/caption]

5. Try it out for yourself

Finally, consider testing the guest bedroom before your visitors arrive. Obviously, you'll change the sheets. This will give you some ideas of where you can improve to make their stay a little nicer. For example, you might notice that the curtains let in too much sun and you need to supply eye masks! It's easy to neglect a bedroom when you don't sleep in it yourself, but this way you can make it as homely as possible for your visitors.