Top Hints and Tips to Spring Clean Your Home in 2018

Top Hints and Tips to Spring Clean Your Home in 2018

Get prepared for the spring

We don't like leaving things until the last minute. If you're anything like us, you won't either. A spring clean is something that every proud homeowner should take part in once in a while. Although it doesn't always have to be springtime to justify a deep clean, this time of year gives us a great excuse to freshen up our homes. We've got a couple of months to go until spring so now you can really be prepared. However, these tips that we're about to give you could be used at any time of year!

All the best spring cleaning tips in one place

We've scoured the web for some great tips and tricks for getting your home spick and span. As always, we've curated them for you into one neat blog post to be your handy guide when you want to get the rubber gloves on. Let's get to it.

1. Speaking of rubber gloves, try this cool tip!

If you've got pets, chances are you'll be constantly finding those pesky pet hairs EVERYWHERE. We know how frustrating it can be and it can be even harder to get rid of them. This is where the rubber gloves play their part. The material of the gloves creates friction that pet hairs naturally stick to. Thank us later.

2. The microwave trick

This one is a classic housewife's trick. Your microwave plays host to all sorts of warm, smelly food and can often build up a gross scent over time. An easy way to freshen it up is to place a cup of water inside. Add a couple of fresh lemon slices into the water and microwave for 5 minutes. You'll have a beautifully scented microwave in no time! It'll also be easier to wipe away any stains or dirt on the inside walls due to the condensation.

3. Take advantage of the dishwasher

Of course, we all know what a dishwasher is used for. And having one can be a blessing at times. However, you don't have to colour within the lines when it comes to your dishwasher and spring cleaning. Remember that there are plenty of things your machine can tackle outside of the usual pots, pans and cutlery! How about giving the kid's plastic toys a rinse? Make sure there are no batteries inside, obviously. As well as this, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, pet dishes and fridge shelves are great items to run through the dishwasher.

4. Don't throw out your old toothbrush yet!

The toothbrush is the perfect item to have handy when you're getting the spring clean done. It produces a good amount of friction to handle dirt and grime whilst being small and nimble enough to reach in awkward areas. Use bleach or detergent mixed in hot water to create a solution perfect for use with a toothbrush. Tackle areas like the fridge, tap spouts and around the edge of the bath to lift mould and stains. You'll be amazed how effective it is. For really tough limescale, try leaving white wine vinegar on the affected areas overnight to break down the molecules.

5. Keep your home smelling fresh

Once you've worked hard on cleaning your house, you want the freshness to last right? Well, this great tip is about to transform your spring clean and take your home to the next level! Put a saucepan of water on the hob and allow it to simmer. Add in lovely smelling herbs like mint or lavender along with citrus fruit slices such as lemon or orange. The gorgeous scent will spread throughout your home and impress visitors to no end.

6. Lemon oil for shower doors?

We all know that cleaning the glass doors in the bathroom can be a bit of a pain. However, this simple trick will revolutionise the way you do it. Firstly, clean the doors as usual. Then, apply a coating of lemon oil to the glass with a soft cloth. This will protect your doors from that pesky build-up of grime and water damage! Next time around, it should be a lot easier to clean the bathroom.

7. Don't wash clothes in a dirty machine

It makes sense that the place where you clean your clothes should be, well, clean! To keep your dishwasher fresh, try this simple tip. Run the machine on a hot rinse and add the following cleaning agents: baking soda and distilled white vinegar. Leave it for 30 to 60 minutes to sit then restart the machine, let the water drain and wipe it down. We'll leave it at seven, which of course is a lucky number. Hopefully, these tips have given you some extra ideas for your spring cleaning routine. Let us know in the comments if you use any or if you've got any hints of your own!