How to Guide: Brightening Up Your Bedroom for Spring

How to Guide: Brightening Up Your Bedroom for Spring

Brighten up your bedroom this season

If you're anything like us, you'll be over the moon that the sun is starting to rear its head. Last week, we saw the hottest day of the year grace Britain with its presence. And yep, we were out there enjoying it while we could! If we're lucky, this pattern of sunny days and warmer weather is going to continue. And that means we want to make some changes around the home. No, we're not going to install air conditioning any time soon. However, there are a few DIY tactics you can use to make your bedroom (the place you spend most of your time, outside the office) into a light and airy haven for spring.

Minimise your window coverings

If you're someone who likes to get cosy in the winter, you might adorn your windows with both blackout blinds and heavy drapes. We completely understand. However, when the sun starts shining, your treatments will start to block out that all-important sunlight making your room feel darker and smaller. Even if you pull up the blinds and hang back the curtains, you're still likely to be covering some parts of the window. Consider replacing your blinds with a lighter fabric and removing drapes - you can easily store them away for the warmer season. Also, make sure there are no large pieces of furniture covering your window like a wardrobe, for instance. This will definitely take away from that beautiful sunshine that's trying to break through!

Reconsider your bedding

Remember, your bed is likely to be the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom so it really does make a statement. The bedding you have will make a big difference in your room's atmosphere and light levels. Dark or heavily-patterned bedding will make your bedroom feel smaller and will absorb any light that shines through. Opt for plain, white bedding for the best results! However, if this really isn't your taste, go for something in a lighter shade with smaller or more subtle patterns. Keep cushions and throws to a minimum to really open up the space.

get creative with greenery

Pantone may have announced a green shade as their 'Colour of the Year' last year, but greenery in the home is going nowhere. Houseplants continue to be top of the trend list, with different variations appearing at the seasons go by. Plants love sunlight, and they are what we naturally think of when summer is starting to appear. So, why not fill your room with plants? Of course, you shouldn't go overboard. If you create a jungle, you'll only defeat the object and block out any light. But opt for one or two well-placed leafy friends and you'll feel the benefits.

Add in extra reflection

You know what's coming next. Yes, you've probably heard it a thousand times. But mirrors really do make a big difference in adding extra light and space! Carefully position a medium to large-sized mirror in the corner of your room, or ideally, opposite a window to reflect the most natural light. The light will then bounce around the room and create a much more inviting, Spring-like atmosphere.