How to Guide: How to Clean Wooden Bar Stools

How to clean wooden bar stools properly!

Are you the proud owner of a set of wooden bar stools? Lucky you. Wooden stools are absolutely stunning and one of our favourite styles of furniture. And if you've been enjoying them for some time now, you might be wondering the best way to maintain them. As always, we've got a how-to guide ready for you! We've tackled acrylic bar stools, we've done metal bar stools and we've even written about faux leather bar stools. In today's blog post, we're tackling the topic of wooden bar stools. We'll be discussing how best to clean them, so you can use this as a tool for your next spring cleaning day! Or, as it's now winter, here's how to prepare for your upcoming family gatherings and cocktail parties. If you want to know how to clean wooden bar stools with a good result, keep reading.

What you'll need:

    • Microfibre cloth
    • Mild detergent
    • Warm water
    • White spirit
    • Clean cloth
    • Furniture polish


    1. You should begin this process in the same way you would with any wooden furniture. Dusting, of course! To dust your wooden bar stools, simply take a clean microfibre cloth and wet it. Wring out any excess water, then use the damp cloth to pick up any dust on the wood. Run the cloth along the surface of the wooden stool, being careful not to scratch.
    2. Dry the wood with a clean, dry cloth, making sure the surface is completely dry. You don't want the wood to stay wet for too long as it can mark and stain.
    3. Next, you can properly clean your wood. Use a solution of mild detergent with warm water to soak a cloth then work along the pattern of the wood to clean it. Again, pat dry with a dry cloth to avoid the wood staying wet.
    4. If there are any stubborn stains or marks on your wooden bar stool, you can use a cloth soaked in white spirit to try and get the mark out. Make sure to spot test in a hidden area before fully committing!
    5. Now, you can polish your bar stools. Remember, you don't have to polish your wooden furniture every time you clean it. A few times a year is just fine - wood will become dull if it is polished too often. Take a furniture polish, spray a small amount on a clean cloth and rub the surface down. Finally, you have perfectly clean wooden bar stools!

Enjoy your clean wooden bar stools...

Let us know in the comments if this method worked for you and if you have any other recommendations for maintaining your bar stools. Don't forget, if your stools have upholstered fabric seats, it might be worth checking out our guide on cleaning fabric stools!