How to Guide: Maintaining Your Office Chair

How to Guide: Maintaining Your Office Chair

Office chair maintenance shouldn’t be forgotten

You remember to update your computer regularly. Well, how could you not? Your PC automatically reminds you when it’s time to upgrade, and sometimes it just does it for you. The same goes for your car - you couldn’t forget to take it for a service, could you? Well, you should pay the same care and attention to your furniture. After all, you use your furniture just as much as your computer and car. Just because they’re not technological, doesn’t mean they don’t need maintaining!

So, what do I need to know?

Your office chair is made up of several parts. This is part of the reason it’s so important to care for it. It’s likely that your office chair will be upholstered - this adds another level of care to the regime. If you have a swivel chair, the moving parts will make it vulnerable to issues. However, let’s look at the upholstery first.

Upholstery maintenance

The simplest way to ensure your upholstered chair is good as new is to vacuum it regularly. Get into the habit of doing this once a week along with the rest of your cleaning. Good habits are the key to success, after all! The reason it is important to do this is simple. Dirt, dust and grime can collect on the fabric. After a while, this accumulation will start to act like sandpaper. As you sit and move around on your chair, the sandpaper effect will be reducing the lifespan of your upholstery! This results in ruined and discoloured fabric. Not ideal. You can additionally spray with a foam upholstery cleaner every once in a while. If you’ve got a leather office chair, you can still have the vacuum routine. However, make sure you also wipe down with a damp cloth afterwards. Feed the leather with a leather cream every 6 months or so.

Now, onto those moving parts

Those wheels need looking after just as much as the rest of the chair. Dirt from the floor can accumulate in the casters and the gradual build-up will make the wheels ineffective. Have you ever noticed your chair is getting harder to manoeuvre? This is probably why. Turn the chair upside down, pull out any visible bits of dirt and then vacuum each wheel. If this is too difficult, try the same steps with a tin of compressed air. Then spray with WD40 to ensure maximum movement. Do this every 6 months for the lasting effect! Your chair may also have a gas lift. If this is the case, you can apply some light oil with a cloth twice a year.

That’s all you need to do!

At first, it may have sounded like a huge task. However, now you can see how simple office chair maintenance really is. Getting into a good routine of weekly vacuuming and bi-annually lubricating will ensure proper care. Perhaps you could set reminders on your office computer so that you don’t forget!