How to Guide: Removing Dents from Your Leather Bar Stool Seats

8th February 2018

How to remove dents from your bar stool seats

From time to time, we all notice annoying problems in our home. Nothing stays perfect forever, right? After a period of use, you may notice that your bar stool seats contain dents and creases that definitely weren't there before! This happens particularly in leather and faux leather seats. Dents can be caused by too much pressure on the seat from leaving a heavy object there for some time or incorrect storage. However, it's important to note that this doesn't have to be a reason to throw away your beloved bar stools. There is a solution available! Keep reading to find out how to fix your misshapen bar stool seats.

There are two different methods you can use when removing dents. It all depends what materials and tools you have to hand or can get hold of. If you are particularly confident in working with leather, we recommend you use a hot air gun to directly apply heat to the leather. This is a tricky process, however, and not everyone has access to a hot air gun! We will run you through the second method which is a little easier. For those interested, here's a video about the hot air gun method.

What you'll need

  • A steam iron
  • A towel in a similar colour to the bar stool you are treating

Bear in mind

Make sure you take the following things into consideration before you begin to treat your stool with heat: faux leather seats are much more susceptible to heat damage as they are not as strong as real leather, take care when applying heat and do not use for prolonged periods of time. You could try leaving your bar stool in a warm room where the heat will naturally remove the dents by reshaping the fabric. This could take around a week and causes minimal damage - try this method first before applying more rigorous, potentially damaging tactics.

1. Protect your bar stool seats

The seats you will be treating should be adequately protected. Place a towel over the surface of the seat - make sure you've cleaned the seat and the towel is clean too! We highly recommend that you use a towel in a colour that won't damage the fabric of the seat. For example, use a dark towel for black or brown bar stools and a white/cream towel for lighter colours. This is because a darker towel could mark onto a lighter fabric, especially when heat is involved!

2. Start the steaming process

Once you've covered the seat, you can begin the process. Use the 'steam function' of your iron - this will send a burst of steam over the seat. Gently, take the iron and press it over the affected area. Do not press the iron down for too long as it can melt, burn or damage the leather. You may notice an improved texture as you iron so keep checking. If not, you can always massage the affected area to help the process. Next, wipe down the seat with a towel and ensure it is dry.

3. Repeat if needed

As we mentioned earlier, you shouldn't iron for too long at a time or the seat will become permanently damaged. To prevent this, if the dent requires a repeat of the process in step 2, allow it to cool down first. We recommend waiting around a week before you attempt this method again to avoid burning or melting! We cannot be held accountable for anything you undertake at your risk and this guide should be used with precaution.


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