The Hottest Day of the Year: Our Hottest Garden Furniture Deals

The Hottest Day of the Year: Our Hottest Garden Furniture Deals

Hottest day for the UK

Today is supposedly the hottest day of the year for the UK. Yep, that's right. Those cold, windy days seem like a world away now, don't they? Well, we can't be too optimistic but we're hoping that we're going to have a lot more sunny days from now until the autumn. That means one thing. It's time to get out in the garden!

Temperatures could reach 25c

According to The Guardian, temperatures could rise to a gorgeous 25 degrees in the sunny South East. Finally, we're getting treated to some glorious weather! Could this, possibly, be the start of the summer? We are certainly going to hope so. After all that bother from the "beast from the East", we think we all deserve some double-digit temperatures and blue skies. And what better way to celebrate the real start of Spring than with some irresistible garden furniture offers...

Our hottest garden furniture deals

You may have read our latest blog post on our Spring clearance offers. If not, be sure to catch up on it by clicking here! Feast your eyes on those goodies. Obviously, we didn't choose any garden furniture as we thought that deserved a whole celebrate blog post. Especially after the exciting news about the soaring temperatures of the UK! So, without further ado, here are a couple of our favourite deals at the moment in our rattan garden furniture range. To view the outdoor offers in their entirety, click here.

Bilbao dining set with 4 chairs

Our Bilbao dining set is one of our favourite products in our garden range. Why? Well, it's elegant, stylish and can fit in just about any outdoor space. Although it's only a relatively small set, the Bilbao is heavily striking. Inserting this furniture set into your garden will completely transform the place. From a dull and drab British back garden to a Mediterranean terrace in no time! This set comes with a gorgeous glass-top table and four rattan chairs with luxurious padded cushions. The glass is a tempered safety glass so you can rest assured there will be no harm if accidents occur. With a width of 80cm and a height of 75cm, the Bilbao dining set is currently on sale for £249.99. When you consider its original price of £399.99, you can appreciate what good value this current offer is. Its available in the following colours: black, brown and grey. Shop the discounted Bilbao dining set here.

Sorrento dining set with 6 chairs

Our Sorrento dining set is sure to turn your garden into an Italian beachside bistro in no time. This fabulous and fashionable dining set is one of the most sought-after pieces of garden furniture we stock. When summer rolls around, you'll be glad of the six chairs and rectangle table to make those casual evening meals a whole lot more enjoyable. The Sorrento is available in black, grey and brown, like all of our other garden furniture sets. What's special about the Sorrento? Well, apart from the fact that it can seat six of your nearest and dearest, the chairs are a beautiful curved shape to add to the Sorrento's style appeal. The width of this set measures at 120cm whilst the height is 74cm. Make sure you measure up your outdoor area to ensure you've got adequate space for the table and chairs. Unlike the Bilbao, this dining table does not have a glass-top. It is covered with synthetic rattan much like the chairs. The current sale price of the Sorrento is £449.99. This is more than a 50% discount! Snap it up whilst you still can. Shop the discounted Sorrento dining set here.