How to Choose the Right Bar Stools for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Bar Stools for Your Home

Choosing the best bar stools for your home

So, you've decided you want to invest in a fabulous set of bar stools? Well, here's our guide to picking the very best for your home. Whether you've set up your own home bar or you just want to add a touch of style to your kitchen, we've got the goods! Keep reading to find out which stools will suit your home and the particular room you want to put them in - along with the pros and cons of the different styles.

The breakfast bar

Okay, so one of the most popular and usual places to buy bar stools far is the humble breakfast bar. This is where you'll come down in a morning and sip your coffee whilst checking the daily newspaper. Either that, or you'll dump your bag at the end of a long day and slouch over with a glass of wine. The breakfast bar really sees it all! So if it's the breakfast bar you're looking to jazz up, then we've got just the products for you here. First up, meet the Crystal Gel bar stool in Clear. This stool is the perfect solution for the kitchen/diner crossover as its lack of colour means it will suit any interior or styling. It's also highly suitable because its acrylic make-up is super easy to clean and won't be ruined by the occasional foodie-related accident. The Crystal Gel is currently priced at £41.99 so you'd be able to get a family set of 4 for less than £170. We'll always recommend acrylic or plastic chairs for the kitchen first due to their great durability. However, we understand that not everyone will like the way they look. Another great option for your breakfast bar is a faux leather stool. Faux leather is a much cheaper alternative to real leather but you don't have to compromise on style. Our Eclipse stool comes in a fabulously stylish grey faux leather and is currently priced at £43.99. Whilst it isn't quite as durable as its acrylic counterpart, the Eclipse is still easily wiped down. The biggest advantage of this stool? It is super comfortable! The luxurious padding is going to be a great asset if you use your breakfast bar to eat meals and spend long amounts of time there.

The home bar

Next up, the place where dreams and cocktails are made! If you're lucky enough to have a purpose-built bar at home then you'll want the very best bar stools to go with it, of course. We always think you can get a bit more daring with an alcohol-related bar as opposed to the standard tea and toast bar. However, bear in mind that there are also likely to be more spillages and sticky situations if you have a proper bar! We'd recommend an acrylic stool in a bright and funky colour. For example, check out our Amazon Gel stool in this amazing purple shade! You'll definitely be the talk of the town with these.  The Amazon is currently priced at £44.99 and is really easy to clean as it can just be wiped down and patted dry. If you're not really one for bright colours and stand-out pieces, maybe you'd prefer something a bit more slick and subtle. There are plenty of other options suitable for a home bar. For example, many home bars are styled on an elegant hotel parlour or 1930s whisky bar. We have the perfect solution if that's more your thing. This Kalstrom wooden stool is a great option if you like vintage-style furniture. The dark wood and grey leather combine to make a really intricate and fancy stool! You'll be the envy of all your friends with something like this. It's currently priced at £59.99 which is a little pricier than our other options but it's certainly the most exquisite option if you're after something a bit different.

Quick tips

When choosing your bar stool, there are certain factors to take into consideration no matter which room you're placing them in! It's always worthwhile opting for an anti-scratch base so you can rest assured your stools will always look as good as new. Will you be wanting to manoeuvre up and down? A gas lift can be really handy if you've got lots of different visitors who will be wanting to adjust the seat height. However, it could be argued that stationary stools look more stylish! Check out our range of fixed height stools to see if any take your fancy. Below is our favourite example at the moment: the Cologne Wooden Effect stool with a cream seat. This stool is priced at £42.99 which is better than half price! Snap up this bargain to jazz up your cocktail parties and breakfast times.