How To Have Minimalist Style At Home

24th January 2020

In order to achieve minimalism, it helps to understand what it is and why it is popular. Alternatively skip to the third and final section to quickly find out how to bring minimalist style into your home.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is all about saying “less is more” in a relatively empty room and is a design trend that spans all art forms, from interior decoration to music. If minimalism was applied to this article, it would read something like this:

Keep only necessary furniture.

However the ideas behind minimalist interior design run a bit deeper than that and describing minimalism in a minimalist way is not only unnecessary, it is unhelpful. What may be helpful to know is that although the design style was “invented” in the late 1960’s in New York City and is described as a modern, American style, the ideas take root in the ancient principles of stoics or Buddhists, who each in their own way believed that over-abundance or excess decoration (which has since become its own design style called maximalism) was simply clutter in the way of the more important facets of life. Instead, the 60’s saw this idea turn from a meaningful gesture of anti-materialism into a somewhat materially minded fashion statement, which is why many of the most expensive homes feature minimalist design.

Modern and Minimalist are both reductive and spare, but Minimalism is all about creating a specific ‘moment’—a feeling, an experience, or framing a particular view.

Minimalist interior design can be breathlessly beautiful, assuming a subtle and understated elegance through painstaking hours spent trying to achieve an effortless aesthetic. The team here at Lakeland Furniture are big fans of the design style and have applied the idea to our website as well. The sleek, unimposing and uncluttered state of our store superimposes the beauty and function of each product we have carefully chosen to stock.

minimalism style living room

Why Go Minimalist?

It’s 2020 and as many are falling head over heels for flying cars and smart everything, just as many are going back to “dumb phones”, quitting social media and embracing good old fashioned minimalism. The main benefits from simplifying your interior decoration, beyond creating a stylishly sleek looking home, revolve around the “tidy environment, tidy mind” idea. Basically, the more you declutter your space, the less you have to think about, so your stresses are eased and you are free to focus on what really matters.

How To Achieve Minimalist Interior Design

One popular and very easy way to get started on bringing minimalist style into your home is to look at each item in a particular room, or anything you are going to buy, and ask “does this bring me joy?”. This ensures you are only left with things you really love, rather than just bought on impulse or for other impersonal reasons. The things we own become a part of our daily lives and influence our mood, so if we surround ourselves with joyful possessions, the idea is that we will ourselves be full of joy.

The next step is to get some minimalist furniture. At Lakeland Furniture we stock a range of different minimalist furniture, including Eames style chairs, which are inspired by the Eames brothers who were famous minimalist designers. Another way to bring minimalist style into your home is to have furniture with neutral colours, however that doesn’t mean that minimalist rooms have to be bland, they are just usually far easier on the eyes and have splashes of colour rather than mostly colour. We stock a selection of neutral coloured furniture and bold colours that combine to make truly beautiful minimalist designs.

eames style chairs

Another way to make any room have a touch of minimalism is to store any excess furnishings rather than display them, whether that’s a Rubix cube or notepad. You can also make use of multi-functional furniture to cut down on the number of items in a room, for example a dining table that transforms into a pool table. If you can, get rid of your TV, but that will be a hard and life altering decision for most. However, the benefits will make your life better in more ways than just having a cool, modern home, you will be forced to go out and make memories or talk with your family, rather than using what little free time you have to stare moving pictures.

In place of a TV you could get a piece of minimalist art, like a large picture of one rose, or some other feature piece. After you’ve done all this and more to make your home a minimalist utopia, you could highlight this incredible space with light and nature by adding a skylight. This should remind you that being inside is a means, not an end, which is the major thing we should all take away from understanding minimalist interior design.

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