How Do I Know What Size Bar Stool To Buy?

20th November 2018

How do I know what size bar stool to buy?

This is a common question that we hear and see a lot from not only our customers but many other people, too. It's pretty understandable that this is a burning question for so many. After all, buying any furniture for your home has got to be just right. We measure the space where our sofa is going to go and we make sure our photo frames are the right size for the wall. What size bar stool you get should be no different! It has to be perfect. So, we've put together this simple guide to answer that important question. Keep reading to find out how you can choose the right size bar stools?

Get to know the different sizes available

First things first, you need to understand the different sizes available in bar stools. There's no point measuring up your kitchen and having your heart set on a certain size if it's simply not available. These are the bar stool types currently available at Lakeland Furniture:

  • Counter-height bar stool
  • Bar-height bar stool
  • Extra-tall bar stool

Each type has a small range of sizes available, as not every single style is going to be identical. However, if you work with these three standard types, you won't go far wrong. Here are the size ranges for each type of bar stool:

  • Counter-height: 58cm - 72cm
  • Bar-height: 74cm - 82cm
  • Extra-tall: 84cm - 92cm

Bar Stool Heights

Figure out which size is right for your kitchen

Of course, you can hopefully gauge a rough estimation as to which bar stool is going to be right for you. Essentially, if you have a very high breakfast bar you might want to consider bar-height or extra-tall. But if you have a standard height counter, a counter-height will be just fine. Within these types, there are varying sizes that may have a few centimetres difference between them. However, it's not just the size type you need to choose. It's the stool type! We stock both fixed height bar stools and adjustable bar stools, which can make a massive difference to the functionality of your kitchen or breakfast bar.

Adjustable height bar stools

If you know the rough size of the bar stool you need but you think you'll need to adjust it every now and then, an adjustable height bar stool could be perfect for you. The particular example we've picked out - the Bailey - has a seat height of 60cm but it can be adjusted to up to 80cm.

Fixed height bar stool

The fixed height bar stool is perfect for those who don't want an adjustable option but instead crave uniform and symmetry. This example above - the Cologne - stands at 81cm making it a typical bar-height stool.

Know the difference between measurements

One thing we must mention, in this guide, is that there are two different height measurements to consider when shopping for bar stools. What size bar stool you go for will depend on its seat height and overall height. Seat height is the measurement from the floor to the top of the seat. This might be, naturally, how you measure what bar stools you can fit in. However, the overall height is the height from the floor to the counter or bar with the seat underneath. It might be useful to use the overall height measurement when checking whether a bar stool will fit in your home or not!

Shop our collection of bar stools here.

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