How to Add a Touch of Autumn To Your Home

How to Add a Touch of Autumn To Your Home

Wave goodbye to summer... it's Autumn's turn now

It's always sad when the summer season is over, but there's also plenty of reasons to smile. Autumn is a gorgeous season full of interesting shades and textures.

How can you customise your interior design?

Flick through some home and lifestyle magazines. Scroll down your Pinterest and Instagram feeds. You'll soon come to realise that Autumnal trends are everywhere. Although Autumn fashion changes from year to year, the colours and textures associated with the season remain the same. Think deep shades of red, orange, rust, brown and biscuit. It's all about warmth and cosiness, which can be reflected in the colour of your interior design. Autumn leaves

Have a look at our range of barstools

Here at Lakeland Furniture, we strive to offer as much choice for our customers as possible. That's no different when it comes to colour. Here are some of our favourite barstools which could easily add a splash of autumn to your home. The first is the Eris bar stool in red faux leather. If you're into brighter colours or feeling a little daring, this one is for you. It'd stand out in a minimalistic or natural-toned kitchen. The second stool is the Berlin Wooden bar stool in Biscuit fabric. This one has a particularly cosy feel about it and would look lovely against other wood finishes. The third one is the Cuban bar stool in brown faux leather. This one has more of a subdued Autumnal look but remains very classy and stylish.

What about our dining chairs?

Our fabulous range of dining chairs could be the ticket to your autumnal interior design dream. Just replacing the chairs around your dining table could give your home a whole new feel. Below, you'll find some of our top picks. This time, we have picked some of the more understated tones. The creams, browns and biscuit shades here are perfect to add a warmer feel to your dining room without being too overbearing. The first is the Bergen plastic chair. This is easily wiped-down and features gorgeous walnut legs. The second chair is the Kensington dining chair in Biscuit fabric. This one is particularly comfy and will make your evening meals so much more cosy! The third product is Halmstad dining chair in Beige fabric. This chair will add a modern touch to your home, whilst also maintaining the colours of Autumn.

Go wild for velvet

A staple trend for A/W 2017 is velvet. This soft, luxurious material is always a winner during the later seasons, often seen gracing the catwalk of London Fashion Week. However, velvet doesn't just need to adorn your clothes. Inject some velvet touches into your home to remain bang on trend. The Sofia Button Back Accent chair is one of our very favourites. Its hand carved legs make it really unique, whilst its cushioned seat allows you to relax in true luxury. The Sofia comes in this sleek dark grey shade which is perfect for a cold autumn, but also transitions well into winter.

Get creative

There are plenty of things you can do to give your home that Autumn sense of belonging and cosiness. Try out some of these:
  • Place candles around your home (in scents like bonfire, fig, pine and pumpkin)
  • Put a thick rug down over wooden floors to create warmth and texture
  • Fill a glass bowl with potpourri and pine cones to use as a centrepiece
  • Treat yourself to some new blankets and cushions to prepare for the colder nights!
  • Fairy lights... lots of fairy lights
  • Get a draught excluder if you really do feel the chill, it might save you some pennies too
  • Decorate with pumpkins and lanterns - there's no shame in preparing for Halloween a little early