Christmas Inspiration: How to Make Any Room Feel More Festive

Christmas Inspiration: How to Make Any Room Feel More Festive
Oh yes, it's nearly that time! We're all sporting our Christmas jumpers and really getting in the festive mood here at Lakeland Furniture. Of course, it's no secret that the very best place to be during the holidays is at home with family and friends. We're advocates for creating a beautiful home and we especially love discussing interior design at this time of year. There's just something so magical about bringing Christmas into your house... isn't there? Well, grab yourself a hot cocoa or bog standard cup of tea and we'll take a look at some festive interior inspiration. Here are our favourite ways to bring seasonal goodness into your home.

Christmas Interior Design: Top Picks Perhaps you've exhausted all the decorations in the loft or you just can't get in the Christmas mood... we know it can be hard to feel festive when you're so busy at work or got a hundred things on your to-do list. However, it's not always about going all out and decorating your house from top to bottom. Sometimes, the smallest touches can have the biggest impact and make your home feel fabulous.  With these little ideas, you'll feel Christmassy in no time, no matter which room of the house you're in - whether it be the study or the bathroom!

lots of candles

This seems like a really obvious one but there's no way around it. Candles are one of the BEST ways to get your home looking and feeling festive. That ambient glow and subtle warmth is the perfect addition to any room, but try displaying some Christmas scented candles along the counter or windowsill in your bathroom. It'll give you and your guests something to smile about when you take a trip to the toilet or run a bath. Of course, the bedroom and living room are the perfect places for candles so be sure to add some into these spaces. If you fancy getting the kids involved in some afternoon DIY, perhaps you could try creating some candle-holders yourselves!

festive foliage

Either take a trip into the great outdoors to gather some materials or pop down to your local bargain or DIY store. Collect as much as you can of the following: pine cones, berries (fake are probably better), holly, ivy, mistletoe. The possibilities are endless but it's up to you to get creative. Now, you can adorn this foliage in different corners of your house - it's a cheap and effective way to create a winter wonderland in your own four walls. We particularly love decorating a fruit bowl with foliage. You could try spreading greenery across the top of your mantelpiece for a classier alternative to tinsel. Not to mention, hanging a sprig of mistletoe in a doorway is a traditional way to bring a seasonal feel into any room.

lights, lights, lights!

Need we really explain this one? Fairy lights are a MUST during the festive season. And the best part? You can keep them up all year round... if you're that way inclined. Fairy lights have played a big part in interior design the past few years, with the rise of Instagram snaps and Pinterest boards. Simply put, they look super cosy and can make any room instantly more aesthetic. Of course, you can opt for really Christmassy colours like red, green and pink. However, we'd recommend choosing a warm white colour which not only looks more stylish but will stay relevant all year round. Try hanging them above your bed, over the mantelpiece or drape them around the bannisters of your staircase. Perfect!
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