Interior Design Trends to Beat in 2019

Interior Design Trends to Beat in 2019

Each year there are evolving interior trends that are designed to make an impact. While changing seasons contribute to these design trends, most are coming back from the dead to show us just how much they contribute to the world of interior styles, especially within the home. Of course, we have trends that only stay with us for a short period of time, but then there are others that have showcased their versatility and popularity – like the Nordic trend. This is characterised by minimalism, functionality and simplicity. In particular, this style thrived in the 1950s throughout Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland.

Interior design trends allow us to see what’s hot right now, whether you’re looking to enhance your existing interior, or you’re starting from scratch. It’s a great opportunity to get inspired and have a better insight into what style and designs you most connect with. Do you have a traditional property where wooden beams and accessories could create a homely atmosphere? Or maybe you’re geared more towards modern multifunctional living to maximise space? Below we take a look at the most popular interior design trends to beat this year, and don’t be surprised if your inspiration comes to life!


nature interior It’s become quite the popular concept when it comes to connecting our home with nature and its elements. It’s one way to bring the outside in, and it essentially breathes a new sense of life into your home, especially if you’re looking to liven up the atmosphere and brighten up the space you have. You can simply accomplish this look with small accessories such as hanging plants, or for a bigger impact chance, bifold doors and rooflights work a treat! This interior design trend is also known as Biophilic, and it focuses on much more than just aesthetics. Bringing nature into rooms throughout your home is aa gamechanger, why not trial it and see for yourself with small changes?

Where to use this look? Any room in the home. It is popular in kitchens and dining spaces.

Key materials/accessories? • Plants • Florals • Neutral colour tones

Need more inspiration? For a room by room guide on how to achieve this particular look and feel in the home, see here.

Go Retro

The retro fusion trend is back, and we think it’s here to stay this time! Retro is quite the nostalgic trend, but one of the best. It celebrates mid century interiors, and provides a distinctive, unique look to any interior, and any room. It combines the colour palette of the 70s, and inspiration from the Art Deco styles. This is definitely a trend to get behind if you’re one that adores everything different! Many retro pieces boast simplistic and clean lines with a captivating aesthetic. Let’s take the Patchwork Bar Stool for example, a bold rework of a classic dining chair that is sure to make long lasting impressions.

Where to use this look? The retro fusion look is great in living rooms and bedrooms.

key materials? Fabric, velvet, patchwork

Want to buy the look? The distinctive Patchwork bar stool is available at £89.99.


wooden interior Wood is a great interior style in all seasons, but it really thrives in the autumn and winter. It is able to capture the shift in seasons, and the colours are a key element in how it pulls this style off so effortlessly. 2018 saw the brief return of natural wooden furniture, but this year it’s really taken a shine. White raw timber in particular, has a happy home in industrial style interiors. It’s become a favourite within the Scandinavian furniture movement, and within rustic country homes. Wood can be paired beautifully with the right elements. Highlighting natural wood often works best with modern or contemporary applications that move more towards a rustic feel.

Where to use this look? Living spaces.

Key materials? Natural wood, beech, oak, rustic country linens

Want to buy the look? Go for subtle furniture pieces to incorporate natural wood into your interior and overall design. Wooden bar stools are great pieces to the kitchen and dining area as they feature a natural look and feel without adding too much complexity. Combine these with a neutral, simplistic colour scheme for a great look.

Mid Century

mid century interior design It’s time to welcome back the pastel sofas and pastel colour schemes because mid-century modern décor has taken a firm seat. This type of style has always been timeless, sleek and popular and now it’s arrived better than ever with aesthetic looks to die for. The Mid Century movement originated in around 1933 and lasted until 1965, so it had a good, strong run. It not only included interior design, but stunning architecture too. The architectural style is mostly known for its strong connection to nature, use of glass and flat planes.

Where to use this look? Lounge, living rooms and bedrooms

Key materials? Pastels, glass, solid wood

Want to buy the look? Here are 10 essential items you need to achieve a Mid Century modern interior!


maximalist living room The maximalism trend tends to make a return towards the end of every year, as it’s perfect for the winter when all you want to do is hibernate and get cosy. You can say goodbye to the plan white walls, and welcome new bold designs to shake your interior up a little. Maximalism is essentially centred around bold prints and deluxe decorations. It’s all about adding a pop of colour to your interior, and to steer away from the plain, simplistic tones we are all very familiar with. This particular look can be quite tricky to recreate, however making small changes will work just fine in the beginning stages.

Where to use this look? Any room in the home

Key materials? Black, white, silver and chrome furniture

What colours? Any bright tones that can be applied to accent pieces and accessories

Eco Friendly

The planet is already in crisis, and it’s our job to do what we can, in the little time we have left to help the environment. One of the main things to become more eco-friendly, is to upcycle your furniture, and anything else for that matter! Rather than throwing away old bits and pieces from your home that no longer serve your interior design purpose, can you transform it into anything else that might be worthy? It not only saves you money, but you can reduce your carbon footprint and learn some fun DIY hacks too! If you’re looking to enhance your interior in full, browse our huge furniture range today and if you require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.