3 Tips to Keep Your Home as Warm as Possible This Winter!

11th December 2017

No-one can deny that this year, the transition from Autumn to Winter was really something of a shocker! It almost seemed like the temperature dropped 10 degrees overnight. Whilst we're still adjusting to this chilly period after a warm(ish) Autumn, we've got plenty of tips to keep you feeling cosy.

Keeping your home toasty

Of course, aside from the workplace, you're likely to spend most of your time at home this Winter. If you're lucky enough to enjoy Christmas at home, you'll want it to be as cosy and warm as possible. Christmas Day can help you keep warm - having a big family around and cooking all day can really help to increase the natural temperature of your home. However, until that time, here are three top tips to keep your house as warm as possible this winter!

1. manage any draughts

There's point investing money into your central heating or shivering under a blanket if there are draughts running through your home! If you've got proper draught excluders or fancy buying some, then, by all means, go ahead. However, if you're looking to save pennies there are some hacks you can use.

  • Stuff socks into a pair of tights to block off draughts under doors and windows
  • Spare foam pipe lagging can work just as well, too
  • Place rolled-up towels along the bottom of your doors when you're in a room to keep the heat in
  • Alternatively, use spare cushions to line any gaps that might let a draught in!

If you've not got your loft or walls insulated, you may wish to look into this. However, a quick fix, for the time being, is to place tin foil behind your radiators. This will reflect any heat they generate and stop any thermal loss through the walls! Be sure to measure how energy efficient your doors are too! You need to keep the heat in, not let it out!

2. be sensible with the heating

Having your heating on full blast 24/7 is going to do you no favours, especially finance-wise. There's also little sense in being generous with the central heating but letting a draught take away the warmth. If you've followed our steps above, then you're good to go. However, set your heating on a timer so that you're not wasting it while you are out of the house. It's also more economical and comfortable to keep your heating at a low, steady temperature rather than having it a high number for short periods of time!

3. shift the room around

It's no secret that having plenty of furniture can make a room warmer. An empty, open space will certainly bring the temperature down a notch or two. However, you don't necessarily have to stock up on new pieces in the Winter to make your home warmer. Just moving furniture around can really help to keep you toasty! If you have accent chairs or blanket boxes, you could move these into the living room or the room you spend most of your time. Placing rugs on the floor can make a huge difference, too. If you have a sofa or large piece of furniture in front of a radiator, move it a few inches away to really maximise the heat travelling into the room.

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