Keep Your Home Warm as the Weather Gets Colder

24th September 2018

The colder weather is starting to set in...

There's no hiding from it now. After that glorious summer, the chilly mornings have come as quite a shock to the system. But all we can do now is prepare for the months ahead in the best way possible! Whether your house has rubbish insulation or it's stacked up to the nines, there's always something you can do to a feel a little warmer in winter. We've rounded up our favourite easy tips to make this coming season a bit more comfortable at home.

From piling up the blankets to handy energy-saving tricks, anyone and everyone will be able to enjoy a warmer house with these tips. Keep reading to discover them!

Start by layering up

If you're not quite ready to commit to putting the heating on yet, don't worry. These colder evenings can easily be remedied by extra layers. Invest in some thicker socks, a good pair of slippers and a comfy dressing gown or hoodie to keep you feeling cosy as soon as you get in from work. Make sure you always have a blanket on hand for when you're snuggling up in front of the TV! Blankets also come in handy for giving you an extra layer of warmth in bed - either on top of the duvet or on top of your bedsheet, whichever feels best for you.

Make use of other heat sources

Again, if you're not up for putting on the heating on so soon after the heatwave has disappeared, there are other ways to warm the house up. Getting into a routine of cooking at home means you'll be using the hob and oven more. A perfect way of heating up the house! Ever noticed how hot you get when cooking? Well, it's the best of both worlds: having a lovely homecooked meal and feeling a little warmer in the process. Anyone who has a log burner or fireplace will also be able to make use of these alternative heat sources before switching on the radiators.

However, electric or gas log burners will use up energy too - and they only usually heat up one room - so bear that in mind before going crazy! Candles dotted around the home can also add a surprising amount of heat, just don't leave them unattended, especially when you've got children or pets.

Be savvy with your curtains

Yes, it can be tempting to keep the curtains shut at all times as soon as summer passes by. However, knowing when to keep them shut and when to have them open can really make an impact on the temperature of your home. During the day, when there's sun in the sky, open your curtains to let in any natural light and subsequently, heat. This will warm up your house more than you'd think. In the evenings, keep them shut to add an extra layer of insulation and trap the heat in. Double check for any cracks or gaps in the windows to make sure you're not wasting your time!

Use your central heating more efficiently

This one takes a little getting used to but you'll soon see and feel the benefits. Your central heating obviously affects your energy bill. So, turning it down by just 1 degree can save you 10% off your bill! Yep, we said it. Not only that but keeping your heating at a lower temperature actually keeps your home warmer in a more economical way. Essentially, if you want to set it to come on before you get out of bed, it's better to keep it at a lower temp for a longer time. Central heating increases at a constant speed so it makes much more sense to go slow and steady.

Invest in your warm

Last but certainly not least, consider putting a little money into the house pot. Solid insulation and double glazing (or even triple glazing!) really will make a huge difference to your comfort. If you haven't already invested in these crucial components, you should definitely consider saving up. At the end of the day, insulation and double glazing can be expensive but the benefits will last you a lifetime.

How do you keep your home warm as the weather gets colder? Let us know your tips in the comments! We'd love to hear your thoughts. 


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