Keep Your Home Tidy with These Simple Storage Ideas

Keep Your Home Tidy with These Simple Storage Ideas

It's the summer holidays!

Yep, we all know what that means. Kids in the house... and toys all over the floor. It's time to call the troops in and get seriously organised. So, we've rounded up our favourite storage ideas (thanks Pinterest) to share with you in this blog post. And whether you've got children or not, it's easy to get overwhelmed by stuff in our house. Without further ado, let's take a peek at some really simple but effective tips and tricks. But first, we're going to share one of our favourite Pinterest board with you, aptly named 'Storage Ideas'. It's bursting to the brim with DIY hacks that'll tidy up your house in no time. [pinterest board=""]

Our favourite storage tips and tricks

First things first, we're going to talk about one of our favourite hacks that actually is very simple and easy to accomplish. This one is going to help you to keep your floors and surfaces clear at all times!

Invest in containers... lots of them!

Whether you opt for cute wicker baskets in pastel shades or heavy-duty plastic boxes, you need containers to up your storage game. The kids' toys can be piled away into a makeshift 'toy chest' at the end of the day, and simply tucked under the stairs or behind the sofa. The same goes for your make-up bits and 'front-door' stuff. You know, keys, letters, earphones. Anywhere where you have a lot of clutter taking up a surface area, why not invest in a cute basket or box to store them in? That way, they've always got a home and won't get lost as easily.

Hooks are your new best friend

Sick of bags being left in the hallway? Got no room in the wardrobe to store coats? Installing hooks into your walls will give you more floor space and peace of mind. Make sure everyone in the family has their own dedicated hook - the kids will definitely know what to do as they're probably used to this through school. Your everyday coat and bag can go on this hook. Why not make it even more organised and put a shoe rack under the hooks so everyone can leave their shoes underneath their dedicated hook? You can also use hooks in places like the kitchen. For example, your cooking utensils can be proudly displayed above the cooker instead of shoved away in a messy draw.

Magazine racks can be multi-functional

You don't just need to store your old Glamour issues in your magazine racks. Why not attach them to the back of the door in your kid's room? This will make the books easy to reach and it's hard for racks to become unorganised - especially when compared to massive bookshelves that often become cluttered. Another great way to use magazine racks is to keep them by the front door. You can split them into categories: junk mail, important, stuff to send. That way, whenever the postman comes you won't just shove everything on the breakfast bar! And you'll be able to grab any parcels you need to send on your way out the door.

 Assert dedicated areas for playing, eating and working

A house can become extremely messy when you start to blur the lines of functionality between rooms. For example, when you move out of the office and work at the breakfast bar, chances are you're going to leave clutter in your trail. Likewise, when the kids bring their toys into the dining room, it's going to be hard to enjoy your family meal later that evening. Set up specific areas for play times, meals and working. Make sure toys are only kept in the living room - or wherever you've decided to make the play area. Don't let anyone take meals and snacks into the bedrooms either, unless you're prepared to face the consequences!

Do you have any more storage ideas for tackling the summer holidays?

We'd love to hear your tips and tricks so don't be shy... give us all the goodness! Leave us a comment letting us know if any of the above storage idea worked for you or if you have any of your own. And good luck to all the parents out there for the next 6 weeks.