Keeping Your Home Cool Without Air Con This Summer

2nd July 2018

A very hot (so far) British summer

Yes, we're experiencing a heatwave. And it's starting to get to us. "Don't complain", say the Australians. "That's nothing," say the Floridians. But when you're living in a country that isn't equipped for anything above 15 degrees... of course we're going to notice an increase in temperature! We're not built for the heat and we're especially not built to sit and stew in the humid air circulating around our homes. It's time to start being a little bit better at coping with this heatwave - although it'll probably be over by the time we publish this post. Without further ado, here are our top tips for keeping your home cool in the summer, without the use of air conditioning.

How to cool things down

We've got a few tricks up our sleeve to make this summer a little more bearable for the whole family. Yep, you can thank us later. But first, have a read:

Invest in better bed sheets

Your cheap polyester bed sheets are not going to be doing you any favours in this heat. If possible, switch to a more breathable material like microfibre or Egyptian cotton. Bed sheets like these keep cooler for longer and will stop you waking up in the middle of the night feeling your bed has magically transformed into a sauna - we've all been there.

Keep your curtains shut in the day

You're probably in the habit of opening your curtains or blinds every morning and keeping them open through the day. After all, the sun looks beautiful, right? Whilst that may be true, it's doing your home temperature no favours. Allowing sunlight through your windows will inevitably heat up any room and throughout the day, it will only become more uncomfortable. Keep your windows open, sure. But just remember to shut your curtains!

Get yourself a fan

It's pretty much the next best thing to air con, except it isn't anywhere near as expensive. When you're having a sleepless night because of the heat, simply switch on your fan for half an hour or so. The cold air circulating around your room is guaranteed to bring down your core temperature to a more comfortable level. We'd also recommend a fan for kids' rooms.

Use your hot water bottle

Yep, you heard it right. On a wintery day, there's nothing nicer than filling up your hot water bottle and using it to keep your toes toasty. Well, it's also handy in summer. Fill it up with water and shove it in the freezer - hey presto, easy bed-worthy ice pack!

Get creative with a spray bottle

Treat yourself to an empty spray bottle and reap the benefits. You can fill the bottle up with cold water - maybe add some chunks of ice if they'll fit. Then, spray your bed sheets with the water. You'll get a nice cooling effect which can be topped up if you wake through the night. The kids will like this too! If it's good enough for the Egyptians (yep, they did something like this in Ancient Egypt apparently), it's good enough for us Brits!


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