Kitchen Trends for 2020

Kitchen Trends for 2020

2020... It really isn't far off, so today we thought it would be a good idea to have a look at what is on the horizon for next year. A kitchen should be simple, practical, but functional and organised, a space that transmits the warmth of home that we found in kitchens in years gone by. Modern kitchens are one of the most used and enjoyed rooms in our homes today, modern kitchen concepts with free standing kitchen island, wet bar, and comfortable interior make time in the kitchen as comfortable as in the living room.


If you work and cook in the kitchen area, cabinets and drawers that are as practical as possible and offer the required efficiency are a must.[/caption] The design of your kitchen is one of the most important decisions you may take when decorating your home. The reason is simple, you cannot change the style of your kitchen very easily and appliances require installation, therefore to create a modern kitchen start by choosing straight lines, high gloss and stainless steel.

If you have a small kitchen then choosing white as the main colour will help you achieve a strong visual effect and make your small kitchen appear much bigger, but an all-white kitchen can sometimes create a clinical look. By adding colourful accessories or by being bold and choosing brightly coloured appliances, red, orange and blue are a few of the choices available, a clinical feel can be avoided. Kitchen trends change every year, much like clothes and shoes, but as many people only consider a new kitchen every ten years, some even longer, and as our kitchen appliances can be very expensive to replace kitchen design can be cleverly achieved by renewing kitchen units and work surfaces.

A classic extractor also deviates more and more from the modern design solutions in which exhaust systems are integrated with the work surfaces and suck the resulting vapour and odours downwards, very advantageous if you have a kitchen island where it is more difficult to fit a ‘normal’ extractor.

Materials in the Kitchen

In modern kitchen designs, classic materials which have been previously used have been replaced by more unusual building materials such as marble, hardened glass, concrete and ceramics, whereas before we would have expected ceramics to be mainly used in the bathroom and concrete in the basement, they are now used in current kitchen trends. Marble with its high-quality look is no longer only used for worktops, and tempered glass can add a shiny finish to an entire kitchen and combined with co-ordinated lighting can create great colour effects. In addition, a glass surface is very resistant to scratches and can be well maintained from a hygienic point of view.

Even concrete is very resistant to scratches and heat and is often used to create a robust industrial looking kitchen or one with modern art-house elegance. Ceramics can be used to create a variety of design possibilities and therefore is primarily reserved for design kitchens.

Kitchen Colour Schemes

Do you go bold or natural with your kitchen colour scheme?

Colour schemes are often a difficult decision to make, at a time when open kitchen areas are increasingly merging with the living area, as the kitchen must be compatible with the rest of your interior design in terms of colour and materials. Although natural colours are becoming more popular again they are dominated by darker shades of grey, brown and even black, but that may be related to the fact that they are particularly effective in some of the new materials. So what does this mean for the colourful kitchen? Do you follow the upcoming trends or do you decide that it's your kitchen and therefore your choice?

It is the latter of course - just because a trend tells us one thing, doesn't mean that you have to follow suit. Especially when it comes to the colour of your kitchen. Because cupboards and cabinets are a big investment, you don't want to get this wrong so choose wisely and make the decision based on what you want.

Lighting Your Kitchen

Lighting is considered to be an essential feature in the design of modern kitchens. A kitchen island can be optically ‘floated’ by the illumination of the kitchen base as can the worktop which illuminates the edge of the cabinet. One of the biggest advantages of modern lighting concepts are the options for the choice of colour and brightness with which you can adjust the lighting as needed. If you are working in a specific area then use the white work light to completely light up the whole kitchen, and then dim the lights for guests sitting at the counter. The standstill over the past years of kitchen trends appears to be over, bright colours are still not outmoded, but with the addition of dark colours can create a completely up to date appeal.

Nanotech in the Kitchen


Tired of fingerprints around the kitchen? Nanotechnology could just help save the day[/caption] One of the most up to date trends for kitchens for 2020 is Nanotechnological material, even if the name reminds you of science fiction. One of its main features is anti-fingerprint touch, no matter how often you touch the surface you will not see any fingerprint marks and its low reflectance of light. It is an extra matt material which combines perfectly with avant-garde interior designs. It is recommended especially in open kitchens to co-ordinate with the living area. The material has a very soft touch and extra resistance to dry heat is very easy to clean (almost non-existent) and is a material suitable for contact with food.

Choosing your kitchen materials

A further trend for 2020 is the use of resins and pigments made by an industrial process, the use of quartz makes it very durable and compact since the material is one of the most resistant in nature. When manufactured with resin and pigment it is possible to make infinite designs and textures including the design of natural wood. Now you can find extra resistant quartz countertops with a resemblance to natural wood. It is difficult to distinguish from a distance whether it is quartz or natural wood, it is only with touch you can distinguish it.

Technology in the Kitchen

Anyone who thinks that only lighting and kitchen appliances use electricity is wrong. Modern kitchens have more and more electronic gadgets.

Roller shutter cabinets that complement or replace kitchen fronts are becoming more and more popular. The presence of flat screens, smart home refrigerators and other technology. Kitchen technology is advancing rapidly with revolutionary new products being introduced into our homes, and modern families whose time is of the essence are taking advantage of these new ideas. These new products are able to ‘talk’ to each other and interact with our personal technology, but whether this a good thing or not many of us have yet to decide, as it will no doubt change the way we shop, the way we prepare and eat our food in our own home.

Smart kitchen technology has crept into our homes over the last three years, a recent addition being a Family Hub Refrigerator which combines a WiFi-enabled touch screen with integrated cameras, enabling groceries to be monitored and ordered whether you are in the home or remotely through our smart device. Ovens, grill, and frying pans have also been made intelligent. These appliances can decide when your food is cooked based on weight and density. Add to this Bluetooth enabled cutlery that will help you to lose weight by alerting you if you are eating too quickly, machines that can decide the drink it will produce based on your fingerprints and you are introduced to the future of our culinary world. A new era of connected kitchens gives control of appliances from smart devices, whether you are at home, work or maybe the supermarket.

Most appliances are able to determine when something is cooked. The average time spent in our kitchens has been halved over the last thirty years and advancing technology will decrease this time even further. Your Fitbit can activate your coffee maker as soon as it registers you are awake. Our kitchens can now integrate with our technology making cooking an easy experience for everyone.

Smart ovens offer a new experience, pyrolytic and steam oven solutions make cooking and maintaining ovens an easy experience. Pyrolytic ovens clean themselves by removing the oxygen from inside and heating the oven to 500 degrees Celcius. At this temperature, the grease burns off and collects as a pile of ash in the bottom which can be wiped away with a damp cloth. Integrated self-locking doors ensure the ovens are safe when in use and the cleaning cycle can be completed in 90 minutes. Steam ovens use hot vapourised water to raise food temperatures.

By eliminating the use of oils the amount of fat is significantly reduced, offering a healthier cooking option. Integrated smart technology lets you know when your food is perfectly cooked and ensures the food will never be burnt again. As we are now able to communicate with our appliances with ease through the use of our smartphones we can remove the stress and hassle that can accompany cooking. But not everyone will welcome this advance in technology, as for some people the process of choosing what food to cook, purchasing the ingredients, preparing and cooking a meal is a welcome and relaxing part of the day.

Although for people whose time is limited this modern technology can be a lifeline and helps to keep home-cooked meals possible. Particular attention should be given to the choice of materials, lighting and the inclusion of modern technology for kitchen trends for 2020.