Why Leather Dining Chairs Aren't Going Out of Style

Why Leather Dining Chairs Aren't Going Out of Style

Let's talk about leather dining chairs

It's about time these beautiful products got a mention. We talk about upholstered dining chairs - velvet and fabric - a lot here, along with different kinds of bar stools and Eames chairs. However, we'd begun to notice that leather dining chairs had kind of taken a back seat. No pun intended. So, we're going to attempt to rectify that by discussing what actually is one of our favourite products on our catalogue: the unbeatable leather chair. Whether you're into your real or faux leather, we've got a good range to suit everyone. From traditional styles to contemporary designs, the versatile leather dining chair is definitely here to stay! And here's why we think it's stuck around for so long.

Where it all started

Leather was first used thousands of years ago but not always as we know it today. The durable material was once used as armour and even to build tents in the days of tribes! However, it quickly became useful in the ways we might recognise now: as clothing and furniture. The Romans absolutely loved leather - they mostly used it for lounge chairs in rich houses. Leather had a particularly high status due to its complex and expensive manufacturing process. And so for a long time, leather was reserved only for the very wealthy! Although, we now know that leather can be found absolutely everywhere and this is mostly thanks to new technologies making it more readily available to the general public.

The different types of leather we stock

As we mentioned, leather has become something of a household material. Bicast leather, of course, is just one of the ways that a leather feel and look can be achieved on a more affordable budget. This method is achieved by combining a layer of leather with a layer of polyurethane. Obviously, this results in a much faster process and therefore a cheaper product. If having real leather isn't important to you, faux leather is another fantastic alternative that we stock. Faux leather, especially now, is an absolutely gorgeous option for your furniture - it looks and feels impeccable! Shop our bi-cast leather chairs here  Shop our faux leather chairs here Chelsea red dining chair - £49.99 Soby grey dining chair - £49.99

Why are leather dining chairs so timeless?

Well, there are a number of reasons. Firstly, chairs upholstered with leather have been around for such a long time that it would be hard for them to phase out so quickly. When something has become a staple item around the home, it will tend to shift and change with the times but it will never disappear. This can be said about leather chairs, refrigerators, televisions and baths. Furniture and products in the home, once they've become a classic, will change but always stick around! It's hard to find a material that is as durable and timeless as leather - it really is unmatched. Secondly, leather is a staple part of the fashion world and it always has been. And as we know well, fashion always influences interior design and vice versa. You'll often see the most stylish of society rocking leather jackets, boots and bags. So who wouldn't wait to carry this look into the home? Leather dining chairs are sophisticated, sleek, easy to wipe clean and perfect for any existing interior design scheme. There's no worrying about maintenance or changing up your home's design, especially if you go with faux leather chairs. Shop our leather dining chairs here.