How to Look After Your Bar Stools During Party Season

4th December 2017

During the run-up to Christmas, the average family home becomes a haven for dinner parties, cocktail evenings and drunken get-togethers. This is what Christmas is all about after all! Tidying up the next day is pretty dismal but it's even worse when things get broken. Hopefully, that'll never happen in your home. However, it is important to stay on top of maintaining your furniture so that it can withstand the weather of party season! Today, we're going to help you with looking after your bar stools.

Barstool maintenance and care

metal frames

The majority of our bar stools, and indeed the majority of barstools in general, have metal frames. It is very important to get to grips with taking proper care of any metalwork that features in your furniture. Remember that metal rusts easily, so it's recommended that you don't take our barstools outside - no matter how tempted you may be! As long as you stick to this general rule, it's unlikely that rust will be a problem for your barstools. Mopping the floor may expose them to water for a short while, so just be careful not to drench them too much and mop around the base.

The great thing about metal frames is that they are pretty resistant to general spillages and stains. Any spilt wine or dropped dinner will wipe away pretty easily with a damp cloth and a dry tea towel. If any spots of dirt or stains do appear, use vinegar or alcohol to break down the residue. Additionally, you could use a lubricant like WD-40 or baby oil to polish up your beautiful stools.

wooden frames

We do also offer some barstools with fabulous wooden frames. You can keep your wooden barstools looking brand new by buffing them with wood polish every now and then. If they need a really good clean, take a cloth dipped in mild soapy water and wring the cloth. You can now wipe the wooden sections of the stool and dry with a clean cloth.

plastic seats

The majority of our barstools also come with plastic seats. Realistically, plastic bar stools are both practical and stylish as they are easily cleaned and come in a variety of amazing colours. To clean your plastic seat after a fun night of drinks, all it takes is a baby wipe or a damp cloth. For any scratches, try using a solution called t-cut - a scratch remover for cars. Regularly use a dry cloth or duster to remove any dust build-up from your barstools.

fabric seats

You may find yourself with a collection of fabric-seated barstools. Never fear! We know just how to maintain them. We understand that fabric isn't as easily wiped as plastic or faux leather. However, you can clean it with a cloth and soapy water. If you have to use a stronger cleaning product, make sure you always spot test the fabric in a hidden place first!

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