What to Look For When Buying Garden Furniture

9th May 2018

Buying garden furniture: our top tips

We hope everyone had a great Bank Holiday weekend! Well, it was hard not to, considering the fantastic weather we scored... Did you enjoy the sun in your back garden? Or were you invited over to the neighbour's BBQ? Whatever you did this weekend, you might be feeling the need to upgrade your current garden situation. A  brand new garden furniture set - complete with an umbrella - can really help you to enjoy summer to its full potential. Keep reading to discover what you need to consider before investing in garden furniture. What should you look for? What factors are important? We answer all your burning questions here.

How big is your garden and what is the layout?

Don't worry if you've got a small garden, layout is more important! If you've got an adequate decking or paving area, you will easily be able to accommodate a garden furniture set. The great thing about garden furniture is just how versatile it is. Whether you opt for a smaller set to fit in your space or a modular set that can be customised for each occasion, there will be a way for you to utilise your garden. Just make sure you take measurements so you don't end up disappointed! If you're lucky enough to have a sprawling garden, the possibilities are endless. You could even consider two different types of garden furniture for different purposes, such as a family dining set and a cosy corner sofa. This leads us onto our next question...

What will be the main purpose of your garden furniture?

What do you use your garden for the most? Or how do you see yourself using it in the future? If you'd love to eat outdoors, a dining set could be for you. However, if you're not too bothered about eating outside but just want somewhere to soak up the sun, consider a lounge set with a coffee table for drinks. As we mentioned earlier, you may require more than one set to meet your requirements. You may have a large family and group of friends, so you'll require more options for parties and gatherings. It's also worth looking at the types of furniture available and if any can double up. For example, our Granada set comes with a corner sofa, set of ottomans and a dining table. It's perfect for lounging if you just want to use the sofa, but the dining table brings an element of formality for those sunny BBQs!

The great thing about our garden furniture sets is that they are all modular. You can pick and choose which elements you want to use, and store any away when they're not needed!

What is your budget?

All that being said, you need to consider your budget. Garden furniture can be a pricey investment so make sure you know what you can afford. It's definitely worth shopping around but be careful that you don't opt for the cheapest option. Quality rattan furniture is built to last and won't need replacing, but it doesn't always come with the lowest price tag. Try to find a balance of budget-friendly prices and trustworthy craftsmanship. After all, you don't want to be replacing your entire set of garden furniture a few years down the line. Remember how often you'll be using your new furniture and work out what you'd like to spend accordingly.

Have you considered a parasol or umbrella?

Often, garden furniture sets don't include a parasol or umbrella. It's worth checking what is actually included before you go ahead and click buy. If your desired set doesn't include a parasol, make sure you check out your options to buy one separately. Having somewhere to sit in the shade can be a life-saver on particularly sunny days, especially if you've got kids or elderly people in the family. Not only that... but having an umbrella over your dining table will keep your drinks a little bit cooler! And of course, that's very important. There are different types of parasol, so do your research as to which one will suit your needs. If you've got a dining table with a hole in the middle, you can fit a regular umbrella with a stand through the hole. No hole? You might have to consider a cantilever parasol to hang over the table.

Who else will benefit from the furniture?

As we just mentioned, kids and elderly members of the family will require shade much more than most. Think about who will be using your garden furniture, particularly in your immediate household. If there's only two of you on most occasions, you might prefer a smaller set that's low-key, less pricey and easier to maintain. However, if you often host neighbours, family and friends, you may consider buying more seats and a larger table than you need for your household.It can be worth having a collection of spare chairs - that are easily stowed away - for those busy weekends. But remember, it's you that will be making the purchase so ultimately, what you want is the most important!


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