How to Guide: Maintaining Your Bed & Mattress

6th October 2017

This guide will keep your bed and mattress as fresh as ever

Here at Lakeland Furniture we always like to dish out as much advice as possible. Today, we're tackling beds and mattresses. On average, we spend over 1/3 of our lives in bed. Therefore, proper bed and mattress maintenance is very important. We have rounded up all the most important tips to ensure that your bedroom is a haven of up-keep.

Creaky bed? Never fear

When you're rolling over in bed to settle down for the night, the last thing you want is an irritating squeaking sound. Creaks in a wooden bed can be the ultimate annoyance. We understand that, and we also want to help you fix the problem.

First, ensure it's not the mattress that's squeaking by taking it off and the bed and sitting on both bed frame and mattress separately. Once you know the bed is the culprit, you can begin to go about fixing the issue. Make sure all the joints on the bed are tightened, using the appropriate tool to go around each screw and bolt.

If you can't tighten the bolt all the way, add a washer to fill the gap and create a snug fit.

If the tightening of the bolts doesn't work, then take the bed apart and use a lubricant like WD40 or paraffin. Once dry, reassemble the parts. The following quick tips may also help:

  • Place cork between any gaps where the frame may move and cause squeaking
  • Use a towel underneath legs to balance out any unevenness
  • Place old clothes or fabric along the slats to prevent the mattress rubbing against the bed frame

Ensure that you also tighten the screws holding down the slats in your bed frame, not just the bed frame joints themselves.

A bed with white bedding and pillows

Keeping fabric beds and mattresses clean

If your bed is upholstered with fabric, like our Alexandra Bed, it won't be as simple as just dusting it like a wooden bed. The tips that you can use to clean your fabric bed are the same as caring for your mattress. Regularly vacuum both mattress and bed to ensure any dust, dirt or crumbs are dealt with. You might wish to spray them down with a disinfectant from time to time, to protect you and your family from picking up germs.

When you want to do a deodorizing clean, sprinkle baking soda across your mattress and bed. Leave for a few hours to sit, then vacuum it all off. Your fabric will be smelling beautifully clean afterwards! The best possible thing you can do for your mattress, though, is air it out. Make sure you regularly flip and air out your mattress to keep it as fresh as ever.

Most importantly: keep on top of it!

There's nothing worse than assuming your home will look after itself. Make looking after your bed part of your weekly cleaning routine. It'll become a habit in no time. Like we said, a proper bed and mattress maintenance routine is super important. After all, it should be your safe space to come home to and know you have a wonderful place to rest your head.

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