How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly
It's true: people care more about the environment than they ever have before. Search terms like "plastic straw ban" and "how to solve air pollution" have seen massive increases in usage according to Google Trends. Really, it's not surprising. With documentaries like Blue Planet and viral social media accounts showing the harrowing truth of our planet's struggles, it's hard not to feel compelled to make a change. So, what can we do about it? Like the saying goes, charity starts at home. Only this time, the charity is our very own planet. There are a few ways you can make small changes around the house to make a lasting impact on our environment.

Make your home eco-friendly with these tips

We can't all live off our land and install top-of-the-range solar panels. Sure, it'd be nice but it's not possible for everyone. So, if you're not a fully committed eco-warrior but you'd like to make a difference, this list of top tips is definitely for you. And not only will you be contributing positively to the eco-friendly living movement but you may also see a drop in your bills and costs.

Switch up your storage

We're all guilty of chucking away plastic bottles, glass containers and cardboard boxes when we've emptied them of their contents. But why not reuse them? If you have a nearby market that sells local produce, take down your old containers and fill them with fresh fruit and veg instead of buying pre-packaged plastic. You'll also be supporting a local business, then! Use any old spray bottles to make your own cleaning products - it's actually a lot easier than you think and will cut your costs down. Cardboard boxes are always handy to have around. And if you can't find a use for them, someone who's moving house in your community definitely will!

Get energy efficient light bulbs

Next time you need to change a bulb, make sure you replace it with an energy-saving one. Granted, this concept has been around for a long time now but people are still buying regular bulbs. It's easy to forget when you're in a hurry in Tesco after work! But it's super important to implement these little changes where we can. What's more, energy efficient light bulbs save you money in the long run as they only use around a fifth of the electricity needed to power regular bulbs!

Go for recycled options

When making regular household purchases, you should always check for the eco-friendly versions - they'll usually be labelled as 'recycled'. Products from cat litter to toilet roll can be made from old recycled materials. Why not look a little harder next time you're at the supermarket and feel a little more peace of mind with your weekly household shop? You can also apply this knowledge to bigger purchases like furniture and accessories. Do a little research and you'll soon find recycled options for paint, bedding, coffee cups and ceramic tiles (to name just a few)!

Make tiny, easy changes

Now, we do have a few simple changes that anyone can do, without spending a single penny! And they'll really make a difference. Think of this list as your 'eco-friendly house checklist' and work your way through the changes, ticking them off as you go. You might be surprised at home easy some of them are...
  • Move your fridge to a shady spot as having it in the sun requires more energy to keep things cool
  • Turn your TV off at the wall instead of leaving it on standby
  • Open the curtains or blinds to let natural sunlight in - you'll save on energy needed to heat your home up later in the day
  • Add a rug to any wooden floor to conserve some of that all-important heat!
  • Turn down your thermostat by just 1 degree C (yes, 1 degree). You'd be surprised at how much of a difference this makes to your bills and energy usage.
  • Where possible, use your microwave. It uses half the energy of a normal conventional oven.
  • Turn the tap off whilst brushing your teeth - this will slash your water wastage!
  • Rinse your razor in a glass of warm water when shaving, instead of a running tap.

How do you like to add some eco-friendly touches to your home?

Let us know in the comments how you try to make a positive impact on the environment around the home. Whether you're a compost expert or light-switch warrior, we'd love to hear the ways in which you try to make a difference through everyday changes.