Make Your Home Kid-Proof for the Summer Holidays

26th June 2018

Make your house child-proof for the summer holidays!

That time of year that every parent dreads (unless you work as a teacher, of course): the summer holidays. How do you keep the kids entertained for so many hours of the day? Why won't they stop asking for money for the ice cream van? And more importantly, why is the house such a mess?! Parents everywhere are all too familiar with the sudden tornado that seems to blast through the home when kids are about. But now, it's time to make sure you don't have that problem again. We've rounded up some of our best tips to keep things in order over the holidays. Unfortunately, we can't solve the problem of the ice cream man.

Make the home a safe environment

The first thing to nail is safety, of course. With kids running around the house every day instead of being safe at school, there may be more hazards than usual. Although we're sure your house is already pretty child-proof, there may be a few things you've not thought of when it comes to the summer holidays. Granted, these tips should be used as you see appropriate and what fits in with your family. For example, if you've only got teenage kids, you probably won't be too worried about them swallowing a small toy!

  • Make sure any of your candles and matches are out of harm's way - preferably in a hard-to-reach cupboard or locked away.
  • If you're hosting a play date, make sure you've considered the age appropriateness of any toys that could be lying around. Children under 5 should be kept away from smaller toys and parts that might belong to the older kids.
  • Ensure that any heavy furniture is secured to the wall or floor so that any wandering hands don't seriously injure themselves.
  • Keep the dishwasher locked. With kids running around and playing in every room, they could easily come across harmful detergent and kitchen utensils like knives.
  • Remember to never leave hot food lying around or cooking on the stove. Watch it at all times! You may be used to wandering off and leaving it but when the kids are at home all day, accidents can easily happen.

A child drawing in the summer holidays

Keep the kids occupied

Now, we've got the safety basics out the way, it's time to move onto the fun stuff. Again, which of these tips you take away will completely depend on your individual family. Younger children are much more likely to need entertaining than older kids - but don't leave anyone left out! Here are just a few ideas for keeping your family occupied during the summer holidays:

  • Are your teenagers are struggling to find a summer job? Are they worried about having no money to go and see their friends? Try offering them a small amount of cash for odd jobs around the house: vacuuming, dusting, shredding paper, cleaning the car. Obviously, you can decide on the pay rate!
  • Organise a play date with the kids' school or nursery friends. You never know - the other parents might return the favour at some point!
  • Host a barbecue. You can either invite your family and friends or keep it low-key. Either way, your kids will have plenty to help you with and will be entertained all at the same time. And you can enjoy some downtime too!
  • If you have a secure garden, why not let your children camp outside? This will also depend on their age but it'll give you a bit of peace and quiet if they want to have a sleepover.
  • Get the whole family together to help you rearrange the house. You might be bored with your current furniture layout and it'll give the kids something to focus on!
  • Take a trip to the local park: you'll all benefit from some fresh air. The older kids can go off and meet their friends, too.

For more ideas for keeping kids entertained during the holidays, check out this blog post from Very Well Family.


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