How to Make Your Living Room Brighter for Spring

How to Make Your Living Room Brighter for Spring

Say hello to spring

Throughout winter, it's pretty much a given that we spend copious amounts of time curled up in the living room under a blanket. With February being the shortest month of the year, spring is hot on our tails. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we want to transform our living room for the warmer months! Say goodbye to that chunky knit blanket and open fire. It's time for light, airy decor and making the most of the sun.

Colour schemes for brighter rooms

Once upon a time, we wrote a blog post about colour schemes throughout the home. You can read it here but we'll explain it in a nutshell. There's an actual science of colour - there are even dedicated colour psychologists. For the purpose of this blog post, we'll focus on the points about brightening a room up. To brighten somewhere, it's generally known that a room or space must be open. And to open a room up, we must create the illusion that it is bigger than it actually is. Through colours, we can do this with cooler shades on the walls and in furniture. Blues, greens and greys are all great for injecting colour but keeping things open. However, go for lighter shades of these colours so it will better reflect the sun in warmer months. Darker, bolder colours are more likely to absorb heat and light. Of course, you can also stick to a classic white to give that sense of airiness. Using lighter colours at the top of the room, for example on the ceiling, will also create an illusion of space.

Adjusting the layout

Removing pieces of furniture from a room will inevitably make it seem bigger. Remember when you took the Christmas tree down and your home felt bare? Well, that's the kind of tactic you need to use in spring. After all, if you're going to be having a classic spring clean then it's best to keep everywhere clutter-free! When changing up the layout in your living room, bear this mind. Bringing in a chest of drawers or bookcase can seem like they take up too much space at first. However, storing away bits and bobs will make the room feel cleaner, tidier and therefore lighter. Space large pieces of furniture as far apart as your room will allow, keeping them closer together will make a room feel cramped and give the opposite desired effect to what you're after.

If you're going to buy new pieces...

There is nothing wrong with switching things up every now and then. However, if you want your living room to feel bigger and airy then you need to bear some things in mind. Light-coloured wood in cabinets and TV stands is much better dark woods. As well as this, you should consider materials like wicker and rattan to really give that light, summery vibe. Heavier materials like leather and wool are perfect for winter but in spring, stick to cotton for upholstery and accessories. In terms of decor, don't go too mad. It's always better to keep things minimal if you really want to make a room feel bigger. A mirror is a classic way to make a room lighter and airier - read this guide here on correct mirror placement in your living room.

Open things up, literally

If you're lucky enough to have patio doors out onto your garden then keep these open when the weather is warm enough. Having this access to the outdoors will make your living room feel so much bigger and lighter. Make sure you keep any curtains or blinds open for all daylight hours too - the more natural sunlight the better! You might be used to closing internal doors throughout the winter season but keeping a nice flow from room-to-room is an easy way to open a space up. Of course, these points may not be so applicable for those who have pets or small children! Make sure that larger pieces of furniture do not obstruct any natural light. Simply moving these a few inches left or right can do wonders for the brightness of your living room.